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Non-partisan video platform with a focus on free speech.


Online video platform FreeSpeechTube (freespeechtube.org) is managed and maintained by nonprofit foundation Stichting FreeSpeechTube (sfstube.nl). Both the platform and foundation reside in the Netherlands, Europe. Obviously, the foundation board does not agree with all the ideas and thoughts expressed in videos on FreeSpeechTube. General video-sharing websites, such as YouTube, frequently aim to create mainstream advertiser-friendly environments. Even if your lawful video is ad-free, it may be removed if it is deemed harmful to the emotional or physical well-being of certain visitors, such as minors. Video-sharing websites with more relaxed policies, such as LiveLeak, remove fewer videos. However, your video will be surrounded by graphic content, including footage of explicit violence and visible injuries. FreeSpeechTube delivers a third option; middle ground. While not without limitations (see Terms of service), we neither have advertisers to worry about, nor do we allow graphic violence. If you feel like breaking a taboo, this is the place to publicly share your controversial opinions and ideas.


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