To keep FreeSpeechTube up and running, a nonprofit foundation pays for its hardware costs. If you find this independent platform useful, kindly give the foundation what you can. Your help is greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate, please contact us. The foundation does not currently accept cryptocurrencies.


In addition to our gratitude...


Perks, if you make a one-time donation of € 25 or more:

  1. You may provide your FreeSpeechTube account name to get on your user page, and username patronage when adding comments or microblog posts.
  2. You may provide a message of up to 40 characters to be added on the foundation's "Doneren" page.
  3. You may choose 1 (safe-for-work) video or text to be Featured Content, for 1 full calendar month.

Of course, you may reject perks, if you prefer not to get them.


FreeSpeechTube provides microblogging functionality similar to Twitter.
Microblog posts may contain #hashtags.
Hashflags are custom emojis that appear after certain #hashtags.
An example: #FreeSpeechTube FreeSpeechTube

You may donate exactly € 50 to design a hashflag for a hashtag of your choosing.
Hashflags only work in microblog posts, but are active for all users.
Technically, hashflags are 72x72 transparent PNGs that are shown at width/height 1.2em.
This donation type does not entitle you to the General perks.