WEBVTT 00:00.105 --> 00:02.105 Hello and welcome to the classroom. 00:02.212 --> 00:04.597 I will be your professor for this class 00:04.924 --> 00:07.639 and our first chapter is titled "The basics" 00:08.474 --> 00:09.834 In "The basics" 00:09.994 --> 00:12.914 we will be covering what I believe to be the basic knowledge 00:13.198 --> 00:15.613 that all pedophiles should be aware of 00:15.629 --> 00:17.919 to survive and minimize self hatred. 00:18.280 --> 00:21.425 I will cover the basics to hold your own in an argument 00:21.706 --> 00:24.736 or debate with someone if you ever decide to come out to someone 00:25.231 --> 00:30.151 and also give you a nice base of knowledge to jump off of if you want to learn more. 00:30.787 --> 00:35.172 and by the end of it maybe I could give you a little hope for the future 00:35.466 --> 00:38.126 and a bit of a feel of control of your life again. 00:39.258 --> 00:45.068 in total I hope this series and channel will help solve a problem with the pedo community 00:45.098 --> 00:47.503 that I noticed a few weeks ago 00:47.826 --> 00:53.576 and after watching the "Map the world" podcast cover a paper on sexual politics 00:53.742 --> 00:56.117 I can now see it in the bigger picture. 00:56.197 --> 01:02.602 In the paper Harris Mirkin points out 2 main phases to activism 01:02.652 --> 01:07.037 phase 2 being the protest and marches that cause change, 01:07.127 --> 01:14.537 but phase 1 is when the sexual minority starts to gather and congregate and come together with its own rhetoric. 01:14.613 --> 01:20.178 to me I think phase one requires us to focus more on our community first. 01:20.490 --> 01:25.510 In the podcast they ask what requirements must be met to finish phase 1 01:25.732 --> 01:32.637 and I think that phase one is complete when our community gets to the point that we all have a base of shared knowledge 01:32.771 --> 01:36.356 so we have a shared vocabulary for our own concepts 01:36.481 --> 01:44.426 and we could take any 2 pedos and put them together and they will be able to hold a full conversation as if they where long time friends 01:44.509 --> 01:47.954 based off a shared understanding of shared experiences. 01:48.000 --> 01:53.815 I don't think an organized structure or a large movement is a good answer for phase one 01:53.923 --> 01:57.938 but rather a larger spread of information and sense of community 01:57.998 --> 02:03.943 and then when we are all together able to speak with a unified voice of what we believe 02:04.041 --> 02:08.541 a political movement will form naturally around our community 02:08.605 --> 02:13.860 and our voice will be so loud and clear that no one could ignore us. 02:14.314 --> 02:17.974 Right now there is a lot of information spread out amongst us 02:18.273 --> 02:23.503 but even between those well informed their knowledge could go in wildly different areas 02:23.553 --> 02:28.898 causing our voice and arguments and community to be very separate and disoriented. 02:29.081 --> 02:34.036 I am hoping that this channel and series will help solve this problem 02:34.098 --> 02:41.343 by bring us some unity and if you think I do a good job at it then spread this channel as far as you can. 02:42.009 --> 02:45.934 In this introduction I want to cover some important things on coming out 02:46.043 --> 02:49.643 that I have learned from my own experiences, good and bad, 02:49.859 --> 02:56.519 and then also cover some concepts that I want to touch on that would be nice to know before learning more. 02:56.699 --> 03:02.669 I will cover a bit on politics this episode because this is closely tied to politics 03:02.851 --> 03:08.276 and a good understanding of politics could go a far way in understanding how the rest of the world views us. 03:08.815 --> 03:17.020 To start I go in on politics and this part will seem very similar to a post I made on ATF or All The Fallen 03:17.220 --> 03:20.950 but with some changes made form my experiences since then. 03:21.113 --> 03:27.683 This part is generalizing these groups so there will be exceptions to it but this is a good rule of thumb. 03:27.818 --> 03:37.268 to clarify When I say right for the most part I am referring to everyone from christian-conservatives to the alt-right/ fascist. 03:37.642 --> 03:45.827 and when I say left I am referring to everyone from strong lgbtq activist to anarcho-socalist/ antifascist. 03:45.934 --> 03:58.734 And finally when I say centrist or liberal I am referring to everyone in between those two groups but mostly those who are centrist and people who are not deeply political. 03:58.883 --> 04:07.318 I draw these lines because someone who is a right leaning centrist has more in common in the way he thinks with a left leaning centrist 04:07.545 --> 04:10.130 than with a hard christian conservative, 04:10.323 --> 04:13.893 and the inverse is true for left leaning centrist. 04:14.128 --> 04:20.408 If you want to have a better understanding on politics and especially if you want to get a better understanding of how people think, 04:20.558 --> 04:26.033 I strongly recommend watching the alt-right play book, Link in the description, 04:26.111 --> 04:38.741 And I believe "the card says moops" episode as a absolute must watch as it covers how centrist think which is the biggest percentage of the population and can be impossible to talk with at times. 04:39.132 --> 04:44.562 Other political youtubers worth checking out are philosophy tube and thought slime. 04:45.081 --> 04:49.266 The people who will eventually have to accept are the left, 04:49.529 --> 04:52.994 it is a built in conclusion to their way of viewing the world 04:53.261 --> 04:58.406 the only thing stopping them is misinformation and this dogma against us. 04:58.733 --> 05:07.318 This is because they believe at the root of their world view that all humans are equal and that we all deserve happiness 05:07.567 --> 05:12.152 they also believe that sexuality was some basic human rights attached to it. 05:12.293 --> 05:16.978 That world view is fundamentally incompatible with pedophobia 05:17.419 --> 05:24.329 and is why you rarely see a pedophobe on the left that has any factual knowledge on pedophilia. 05:24.930 --> 05:29.195 So then why is the left strongly against pedos? 05:29.639 --> 05:35.969 well that comes down to two main factors that will be very difficult to deal with on a large scale. 05:36.093 --> 05:41.008 The first comes from a defense mechanism to a propaganda tactic from the right, 05:41.443 --> 05:46.593 the right creates a lot of false equivalencies to attack theories and beliefs from the left 05:46.905 --> 06:00.670 and when the left meets one of the well disputed false equivalencies they will dispute them or treat you as a fascist spreading propaganda or a centrist repeating alt-right rhetoric. 06:00.975 --> 06:06.490 so when you say pedophilia is a sexuality or is something you do not choose, 06:06.859 --> 06:12.654 all they hear are false equivalencies getting fabricated and start to discredit everything you say. 06:12.957 --> 06:20.777 The second is another defense mechanism but it is one that is true all across the political spectrum. 06:20.979 --> 06:25.114 I call it defenders blockage or victims blockage. 06:25.460 --> 06:29.510 It is similar in concept to the poorly named white fragility, 06:29.662 --> 06:40.747 which refers to the tendency of white people when they hear people talk about white privilege feel as if it is a personal attack on them or devaluing their accomplishments 06:40.859 --> 06:43.784 which comes from a lack of understanding of white privilege. 06:44.156 --> 06:50.751 Victims blockage refers to a child sexual abuse victims, and those who sympathize strongly with them, 06:50.808 --> 07:02.433 tendency to take any talk of pedophilia or trauma from child sexual abuse that differs from the norm to be taken as devaluing or justifying their experience 07:02.658 --> 07:04.928 despite that not at all being the case. 07:05.600 --> 07:13.520 even just the idea that someone could be born with an attraction to kids is taken as a disgusting attempt to justify harming kids 07:13.951 --> 07:19.421 even if you point out how pedophiles only make up 16% of offenders. (source in the description) 07:19.632 --> 07:29.682 This is stronger with the left then with the right due to feminist and lgbtq having strong ties to supporting sex abuse victims. 07:29.943 --> 07:35.338 these two factors make it very difficult to talk with the left or change their mind, 07:35.502 --> 07:42.732 but I don't think its impossible they just need the info put in a spot where they will have to interact with it 07:42.894 --> 07:53.289 so maybe in the future when we are more unified in our voice a strong march with some good slogans could force them to interact with the science. 07:54.944 --> 08:00.649 The right on the other hand will probably not ever fully accept us, at least not as a whole. 08:00.884 --> 08:10.539 The core beliefs of the right is this strive towards an idea of a perfect society usually based off of some historical society. 08:10.685 --> 08:15.155 what this perfect society involves can differ from person to person, 08:15.358 --> 08:20.348 however most of the time pedos must die is pretty high on their list of necessities. 08:20.398 --> 08:28.768 occasionally there are people on the right who value the idea of reproductive drive over the idea of pedo bad, 08:29.078 --> 08:41.528 and with these people they might accept you to an extent from the idea that 13 year olds are peak fertility so as long as they believe the core of your attraction is based off the idea of peak fertility. 08:41.958 --> 08:44.843 But as a whole the right will never fully accept us. 08:45.435 --> 08:53.510 Another thing to acknowledge about the right is that they have less misinformation about us and I think that comes down to 2 factors, 08:53.747 --> 09:00.117 The first is the right usually meets online on chat boards that hold free speech above all else 09:00.255 --> 09:06.266 so pedos and other outcast meet up there and the groups come into contact fairly often. 09:06.328 --> 09:09.193 The second comes from their core values. 09:10.112 --> 09:16.792 We are grown up getting directly taught very little about pedophiles except that they are bad, and sex kids, 09:17.212 --> 09:23.927 and the rest we get from context clues causing us to custom build our own idea of what is a pedo. 09:24.276 --> 09:33.956 The left builds its construction as some inhuman monster because it is defined by what its not since left values are usually built on acceptance 09:34.026 --> 09:38.601 so for pedos to be bad they must lack anything that is acceptable, 09:38.823 --> 09:41.528 sexuality is not bad so it cant be that, 09:41.865 --> 09:44.605 romance is not bad so cross that out, 09:44.911 --> 09:47.476 empathy is good so they must lack that. 09:47.972 --> 09:52.642 however on the right they have a much broader definition of what is wrong or immoral 09:52.805 --> 09:57.185 and right values usually are defined by what they dislike, 09:57.505 --> 09:59.665 divergent sexualities are bad, 10:00.072 --> 10:01.732 kids being sexual is bad, 10:02.304 --> 10:05.244 People can be born bad just inherently. 10:05.472 --> 10:12.697 So quite a bit of people on the right can know exactly what a pedophile is and still want to put a bullet between your eyes, 10:13.248 --> 10:20.423 but on the left in order for pedos to be bad a realistic idea of a what a pedohpile is cant be true. 10:21.205 --> 10:26.470 The center doesn't really have a tendency here other than a desire to protect the status quo, 10:26.734 --> 10:38.779 However they also have a strong avocation for freedom of speech and the free market place of ideas so they are the most likely to hear you out but not likely to have their minds changed 10:38.900 --> 10:41.385 and debating with them could be quite exacting. 10:41.754 --> 10:46.704 this comes from them not having a fully coherent world view 10:46.934 --> 10:53.129 the card says moops video goes more in detail in a less insulting way. 10:53.362 --> 11:05.652 but to some it up, no offense to any centrist but think about them as the people that ask the most questions while thinking the least about the answers to those questions. 11:06.177 --> 11:13.572 Additionally most people aren't true center so they usually also fall somewhere between the left and the right 11:13.740 --> 11:22.825 and as such they will have some of the core qualities of the group they lean towards as an under tone to the aforementioned qualities. 11:23.454 --> 11:32.479 So I am tempted to say that left leaning centrist would be the most open but from experience they usually are very closed minded 11:32.857 --> 11:41.172 because some times they become the worse combination of centrist and left and protect the status quo with an enhanced victims blockage, 11:41.682 --> 11:47.912 but the market place of ideas value combined with equality and sexual rights is the best combo. 11:49.049 --> 11:55.339 This is meant to be kept in mind if you feel the need to come out to someone or ever enter into a debate online, 11:55.638 --> 12:04.073 and my final advice would be only come out to those who are really close to you and come out to just a few friends 12:04.132 --> 12:10.493 most people only have about 1 or 2 friends close enough to stick with them through something this shocking 12:10.633 --> 12:14.848 and most people will be at least a little disgusted with it at first, 12:15.260 --> 12:20.650 but a lot of people will be too disgusted to accept it and leave you. 12:21.015 --> 12:27.490 A good test is to try and debate them a little before you come out to gauge your success. 12:27.811 --> 12:38.751 like say "Hey I saw this weird artical online" or bring up one of the studies I will list in future episodes and say you found them on some random post online, 12:38.986 --> 12:48.091 or bring up the ted talk on pedophilia arguing it is a sexuality that I will be bringing up in the next episode and watch its re upload on youtube. 12:49.485 --> 12:59.305 I plan to do about 3 or 4 more videos in this basics series so it is not too long or daunting to anyone who sees it. 12:59.349 --> 13:08.089 The next lesson will be on pedophilia being a sexuality and I will try and get that out after about a week of uploading this. 13:08.209 --> 13:15.904 this series will definitely not cover everything but after it I want to do a series with no set length or anything 13:16.212 --> 13:27.027 called "Debate Club" where I will pick one topic and go over all its arguments, counter arguments, and rebuttals that I can think of to make make you more equipped to debate with anyone. 13:27.950 --> 13:37.945 Final words, I said only come out to a few friends but hopefully if we grow as a unified community that can change 13:38.265 --> 13:41.925 and we could have a lot of people it is safe to come out to. 13:44.205 --> 13:47.030 Playing "Secret For The Mad" by dodie