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I am Steve Diamond of the EQ. Foundation.

My blog is "Our Love Frontier":


While I probably wont upload much new media to this account...I'd love to parade my "vile wickedness" from YouTube circa 2008...which made everybody weep bitterly!

A substantial amount of this content is not worth returning to the internet, but I'd love to have somewhere that a sampling of it can be exhibited.

I've never professionally been trained to do media...and 2008 was a year that I simply dove in, and tried a lot of different things...I was still finding myself as media producer, and trying to get down a formula to move forward with, when YouTube decided it was too intellectually delicate and fragile, to host my content...Such as it is...

...Those poor, poor dears.

We shall see what else becomes of this account.

What shows up here, was very much a product of it's time...It may not have all aged well.



I am an archivist, and I will share important MAP media from my archive, which I think is important to make available.

I just wanted to make clear, I am not the creator of every individual thing uploaded to this account...but my media [old and new] will be mixed in.
Registered: 17 April 2019
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