Registered: 15 November 2019
I am a young male M.A.P. <3
AOA (approx.): 8-15 M, 8-15 F,
though that does not mean I do not like higher ages ;) especially if you are a M.A.P. yourself :'D or do not hate us.

Do not worry, I won't go out and like rape/hump anyone -_-
I support pedophilia and zoophilia.
I also like and support anonymity, security, privacy and the freedom of speech :)
I like metal music, coding and stuff..
I dislike reading, thus you'll find I lose interest in long/repeated discussions.


Give me a fucking brake, I'm tired of discussing pedophilia and if it's moral and stuff, it has been many times and I just don't want to nor care anymore that much. I got better things to do than to spend hours of discussing something that'll probably get me depressed me for about 1-3 days again.

By the way, when I say the word "nigger", it has a different meaning to me just like it had to Terry Davis (TempleOS developer), nothing racist, I like people all colors, I probably dislike you for wishing be death and shit.
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