Registered: 2 December 2020
I work on my own website that will be used to debunk anti-pedophilia propaganda. My website will be ready soon. The progress of my site, is slowed down, because I'm busy with other projects, too.

Archive of links to the most important pro-MAP publications i have published:

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Archive of links to the creationism-debunking (and other pseudoscientific stuff) publications: COMING SOON

Link to the mega archive: COMING SOON

(Many more links will be added soon)

I support child-lovers, corpse-lovers, animal-lovers.
Im only child-lover, not animal-lover or corpse-lover, but i still support corpse-lovers and animal-lovers, i fight for their rights and freedoms.

I want children to have freedom of sexual expression. I don't want young people to be repressed sexually.

I will add more information here soon.


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