>Monster-90009, an outspoken expert.
*Information Technology Professional.
*Ph.D. in Physics and all fields of Biology.
*M.A in Psychology.

// Highly-skilled master of psychology, trained for performing ideological subversions, a specialist in propaganda (specialized propagandist). Proponent of the Globalists' New World Order concept.

// Ex-activist at the Open Society Foundation's segments in Bulgaria and the United States of America.

// Currently, i'm limited to only online activism due to reduced amount of fundings.

I support child-lovers, corpse-lovers, animal-lovers.
Im only child-lover, not animal-lover or corpse-lover, but i still support corpse-lovers and animal-lovers, i fight for their rights and freedoms.

I want children to have freedom of sexual expression. I don't want young people to be repressed sexually.

I will add more information here soon.

CONTACT: [email protected]
Registered: 2 December 2020
reported off request email address


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