Spiked: Paedophile panics: an unhealthy obsession

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Published on 30 May 2019.
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A podcast broadcast 1st August 2014 , with Podcast: Frank Furedi, Barbara Hewson and Luke Gittos.

"The UK government’s announcement of a public inquiry into decades-old allegations of a paedophile ring operating within public institutions has ramped up fears over the prevalence of child abuse and the extent to which parliament, the police and the judiciary have been ‘covering it up’. So while the inquiry has been packaged as a sober reappraisal of neglected evidence, it has whipped up yet another moral panic. In this edition of the spiked podcast, presented by Tom Slater, barrister Barbara Hewson and spiked’s law editor Luke Gittos discuss how abuse scandals are wrecking the rule of law, and author and sociologist Frank Furedi looks at the destructive impact Britain’s obsession with paedophiles is having on young people." ( https://www.spiked-online.com/podcast-episode/paedophile-panics-an-unhealthy-obsession/ )

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