Why the Daria Reboot Will FAIL!

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WarmPotato WarmPotato
Published on 29 August 2019.
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Why the Daria Reboot Will FAIL!

Daria was a late 90's and early 2000's animated sitcom with elements of satire and sarcastic humor that entertained millions. The show ended when Daria went to college, and that's where it should have stayed! Instead, MTV is going to reboot Daria and put it on Hulu for the world to see! Maybe its just this controversy with Roseanne that has my jimmies rustled, but I have a bad feeling about this! Daria might get political, the characters might not be faithfully recreated, or a voice actor could have a dark past that gets the entire show scrapped!

The Daria reboot will fail because too many things have changed since then! Now there's always a chance I could be wrong, and people will watch the inferior new Daria show... But regardless, I stand firm in saying the Daria reboot will be a flop! A failure! A mistake! Poor Daria, never stood a chance against the MTV executives...
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