Irate Alex Denies Pro-Pedophile Facts

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Published on 14 September 2019.
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Studies showing most sexual relationships ages around 10-16 are consensual and harmless:

Condy Et Al:

Arreola Et Al:

(Another study indicating almost 70% of sexual acts between adults and children below 16 are consensual and harmless. Methodology of the study is interviewing adults from bars across developed states in the US (Florida, Los Angeles, New York etc.), recounting sexual acts while they were underage)

Study indicating sexual acts at a younger age predicts less negative behaviour for a child:

Study showing discovery of minor attraction happens at around age 15 and the negative psychological effects that cause them because of society’s hostility towards pedophiles: (Ctrl + F ‘Discovery Experiences’ scroll till end)

Write-Up on how power dynamic between children and adults does not necessitate that a sexual act between them is harmful: (Ctrl+F ‘Power Difference’)

Citations showing children’s cognitive ability to be able to consent to sex generally starting from age 8:

A Child’s Talking Timeline:

Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development:

When children understand consequences:

Anecdotes of Child-Adult Sexual Relationships:

5-Year-Old Boy who mutually masturbated a 17-Year-Old + 7-Year-Old Girl who had sexual relations with Janitor: (In the ‘Boys and Men’ and ‘Girls and Men’ section respectively)

Anecdote of 15-Year-Old Kirk Douglas losing his virginity to a teacher:

Write-up indicating most pedophiles are friendly and caring individuals:

Cases of Children being pressured by Police to claim their consensual sexual act with an adult was harmful when it wasn’t, and the guilt and trauma they face afterwards: (Ctrl + F ‘forced confession’)

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