The Paedophile Next Door (2014)

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Published on 23 September 2019.
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Channel 4 production - Directed by Steve Humphries

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"Eddie has always struggled with a sexual fascination for children but he can't be rehabilitated because he has never acted upon his impulses. Steve Humphries , the director of a new documentary, explains why it's crucial to talk to paedophiles before they have offended.

If you met Eddie, you would have no idea of the dark secret he has struggled with for much of his adult life. A softly spoken 39-year-old man, he is the kind of ordinary Joe you rub shoulders with at the supermarket. But Eddie wrestles with a secret so dark that he battles with self-loathing and deep shame every day. He is sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children as young as four. Despite this, he is adamant that he has never acted on his desires..."
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