Shut up Amos Yee part 1: Why we need fear

Shut up Amos Yee part 1: Why we need fear In a blog post (link down below) on Medium non-pedo semi-pro-contact ally Amos Yee wrote it's very typical for Pedophile Rights Activists to whine about how dangerous, and fearful, and hard it is to be a Pedophile. According to him we shouldn't constantly confront each other with these horror-stories in hopes of becoming more optimistic. And just like with pretty much everything else Amos Yee writes, I disagree.

I do understand where he is coming from though and I do understand what he means but in reality we need more fear and get out of those safe spaces and more importantly, need to stop seeing talking to idiots on the internet as (effective) activism. With that I don't just mean stop talking to brain-dead anti's, but also start realizing that tear-jerking with your peers, isn't going to change your situation or that of anyone else.

The personal aftermath of #PedoPride

As one of few I can tell you what it's like to be out, proud and confronted with real life aggression. Last summer I handed out cards at the Amsterdam and Rotterdam Pride Walk that said “#PedoPride”. Not only did it lead to a lot of mediocre press, but it also caused over 100.000 people to sign a petition against me, 50.000 people to share my picture and my address being posted on websites all over Europe. Tens of thousands of threats were posted on social media of people who claimed they were going to harm me and not only that I've also had people kicking against my doors and windows all hours of the day, posters with my picture posted all over town for months, had my home covered with shit and have been scolded on the streets or leaving my house a couple of dozen times now.
Sounds like scary stuff, right? Well, I'm not going to lie, the first few weeks where scary as hell and going into the streets to hand out the cards gave me a panic attack beforehand (while I'm not known to have panic attacks). The first time someone was bashing a chair against my front door my heart sunk and I thought I was going to get lynched.

It's 4 months after Amsterdam and I am faced with reality. I'm alive, I can walk the streets safely, I have not been harmed and I actually have no damages I need to pay for myself. And no, they did not forget. People ask me about it, look at me with anger or fear, and they actually whisper insults.

The reality however is that my fear was based on intimidation and not on actual risk of danger.

The usefulness of fear and the approaching danger

Now I told you about an actual scary situation and can tell you afterwards that my fears where far off from the reality. Just like every other activist or public person I am confronted with a certain risk, but it's very unlikely I'm going to run into real danger.

There are two reasons why we need fear and remind each other of the reality of the world we life in. First of all, to prevent us from doing stupid shit. Have you ever by accident posted a hottie from your personal instead of your pervert account? Have you ever accidentally told someone or got so pissed off you went into the streets effectively coming out? No, because you're scared and it made you careful.
But the most important reason why we need fear and why we need to hear the horror stories is the reality that faces us. We already are victims of crimes against humanity and if we don't act things will get way worse.
Right now the reality may be that persecution rates are around one in a thousand, that activists getting killed is something that is even tons rarer. But our dehumanization is rising again and getting worse. Discrimination gets tougher, false imprisonments, violent attacks and attempts to “root us out” may become a more dangerous reality.
The forensic techniques and the politics are rapidly changing and many do want our thoughts to be banned world wide. Every day we don't resist brings us closer to a reality where we are in the worst possible position with no way back.

To whomever reads this: Be scared, get more scared and realize that you are under attack and the enemies are closing in. You can cower as much as you want but eventually they will smoke you out.
There are no answers in your cowardice. Don't let your fear slowly boil you down. Break your catatonic stare. Act now, strike hard and decisively.

Amos Yee “Stop Whining about Being a Pedophile” 25th of November 2019 :
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Published on 26 November 2019.
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