PedoPride Ruling and my plans for next year

PedoPride Ruling and my plans for next year As you might remember last Juli I protested at the Amsterdam Pride Pride Walk against the discrimination of nepio's, pedo's, hebe's and ephebe's during Pride. This all happened after earlier that year I requested entry for Kinderbevrijdingsfront (Child Liberation Front) to inform about the shared history of activism, our organizations being banned from ILGA (International Lesbian and Gay Alliance) 25 years ago, and to celebrate a future of inclusion.
I also filled a complaint with the dutch Human Rights Council (College voor de Rechten van de Mens) because I felt discriminated.

In short the Council concluded that there weren't any legal grounds that made the discrimination illegal. In the making of the law dutch parliament chose to use the term “hetero- and homosexuality” as a discrimination ground to exclude pedophiles/pedosexuals from getting this protection.
However article 1 of the dutch constitution states discrimination on any grounds is prohibited but sadly dutch courts are legally barred from judging on grounds of constitutional rights. I however saw a way around this. I stated that there is no such thing as a hetero- or homosexual orientation without a chronophilic one, making chronophilia a inherent part of hetero- and homosexuality.

The council disagreed and also stated Child Liberation Front can't file on grounds of political discrimination since they don't recognize stopping discrimination against 20% of the population and reforming basically half the law to give them social, legal, political and financial equality was a wide enough view on social- and administrative-structure.

Sadly I'm not surprised although I do think it may have been the best shot in a legal case yet. Media pretty much ignored it.

So what now. This week I filled criminal charges against the Amsterdam Pride organization for discrimination. So the legal battle isn't over. I don't see any good options for a civil case just yet, but I might file one to get entry to next years pride.

But more importantly, I'm not giving up the streets, I'm planning on taking them 2020. Next year I plan on protesting against as many Prides in the Netherlands, and hopefully abroad, as I can find the funds to.

One thing surprised me the most and still makes me happy every day. I came out nationally, there are tens of thousands of people who said they wanted to harm me. Everyone around me thought it was (social) suicide and I would get harmed.
Yet here I am, happier than ever, more proud of who I am and what I am, than I imagined possible. I might not have won any ground yet publicly, but on a personal level I'm very happy.

2020 a year of activism*

So I'm in the early stages of planning for next year and am deciding which events to use for activism trying to stay within a budget. Currently I am planning on protesting/informing on 17 events/days which are:
21st of March: Day against Discrimination (annual protest in Amsterdam 8-10k people)
14th of April: Marks the day Vereniging Martijn was disbanded
25th of April: Alice Day
1st of May: Labor day (in the Netherlands) expect 10-15k in protesters, will be protesting for children's (financial) equality
4th of May: Dutch national remembrance of WW2 will be informing/protesting/attending at the Amsterdam (national) Gay monument to ask for attention for Pedo's and other sexual minorities who where victims of the holocaust
13/14th of June: Pride The Hague
20th of June: LGBT event “Pink Saturday” which is the event that for me that was the last to ban pedo's in 2001
20th of June: IBLD
21st of June: World Humanist Day; Asking/informing about children's and pedo's rights in a humanist society.
25th of Juli: Pride Walk Amsterdam
25th of Juli: Pride Amersfoort
1st of august: Pride Amsterdam Canal Parade, one of the biggest events of the year
29th/30th of august Pride Zwolle
26th of September: Pride Rotterdam
11th of October: Coming out day
14th of November: Start of Sinterklaas (dutch version of santa) protest against lying to children and for treating them as equals.
19th of December: IBLD

I intent to protest for an inclusive sexual minority movement and an end to discrimination during the LGBT events, the event against discrimination and the day Marthijn was disbanded. During Alice Day, IBLD and Coming Out Day I want to speak out for children's rights in society and relations. And during Sinterklaas I will focus on the nuclear family and adults mistreating children.
On extra weekends that give me free travel I intent to travel to multiple cities putting up posters.

I at first had 20 more dates and of course there is the wish to go multi-national, but I need to focus on something I can archive with a limited budget, and adding those 20 dates alone could triple the cost.
I expect media attention for at least half the events, tripling the reach I got this year and showing a wider agenda.

So I started to calculate the cost and came to a estimation of:

Travel costs for the full year (16 locations) : €190,-
protest signs 2 (reusable): €35,-
Pamflets 2000-2500: €90,-
Posters 500: €55,-
Office costs and other: €35,-

Total €405

This obviously doesn't cover all my costs, traveling to interviews, meets, et cetera, and expected legal costs and damages/personal protection.

This year I have attended 4 events and one case, and came to a total of €330,- mostly because of poor spending/planning, or more accurately: a lack off. [CENSORED]

If you want to reach me personally you can e-mail me at:
If you have any suggestions those are also very welcome.

Thank you for reading and your consideration.


*Specific plans may change during the opcoming year
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Published on 26 November 2019.
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Announcement for plans of 2020
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