Shut up Amos Yee, part 2: In Tom's defense

Shut up Amos Yee, part 2: In Tom's defense Our dear attention hungry pretty much anti-self-determination “ally” Amos Yee, decided to make another blog attacking pedo-rights-activists. This time he decided to attack activist of the first hour, writer and former P.I.E. chairman Tom O'Carroll.

The blog isn't worth the read, it's pretty much the same bullcrap he's been saying for over a year now, about how other activists aren't effective. I don't know where to start or honestly what the point would be.
First of all, if you're going to comment on how pretentious and badly written someones work is; don't do it in a blog that is pretentious and badly written. Second of all, he should pick up a freaking dictionary. I know you're not one for “nuance” but there is need for it.
Amos got to cherry pick badly written sentences and paragraphs to demonstrate how “high-falutin[sic]” the wording of Tom is. Just so you don't have to look it up yourself highfalutin just means pompous or pretentious. It's an incredibly pretentious way to call someone pretentious.
Amos his best example, which he claimed he had to read 7 times to understand, he wasn't able to "decipher" correctly. While you may think that proves his point, it actually just shows Amos his lack of historic knowledge on the subjects of pedo- and gay-rights-activism.

Amos continued to write: “I had this exact issue of sounding wordy when I was 14, making pretentious presentations during English literature class [...] After being mocked by classmates for months and smugly replying with ‘you’re just not smart enough’, I finally realised the truth: it was both, my classmates weren’t smart enough, and I sounded like a massive prick!”

His mockery of Tom shows again what I think many have seen for a long time: Amos his need to attack pretentiousness and (pseudo)intellectualism comes from the fact he recognizes he himself is a pompous douche.
The clear difference is that Tom has an audience of activists and academics and is trying to make an intellectual argument. Where Amos is under the impression that a big audience is what makes effective activism. What Amos fails to see is that the only reason he has a bigger audience is because he is a good laugh for anti's.

To anyone else I would end with words of encouragement and I would urge you to get better. But in the case of Amos I have only one advice: Quit and go into “populist” politics, it'll fit you well.

In response to: Amos Yee, “Tom O'Carroll Sucks”
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Published on 2 December 2019.
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A pretentious response to a pompous blog about being highfalutin.
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