Why Amos Yee sucks ass!

Why Amos Yee sucks ass! Hello, today i want to tell why amos yee sucks ass and isn't an effective activist for pedophilia or any other cause out there.

1. He can't take criticism at all, he blocks and removes anyone, even for the slightest hint of constructive criticism.

2. He's a narcisstic prick and doesn't want anyone but himself on the top of pedophile activism.

3. Good activists build bridges, instead of crash and burn everything they touch.

4. He's not respectful towards other people in his community,(trust me, i have first hand experience).

5. He insults and downgrades even his own community/friends.

6. He tells you that he admires your presence (in his community), then the next day he tells you how annoying you are, and soon after that he bans you.

7. He doesn't bring up studies when debating people, instead he just refers them to read those, which they don't do.

8. He uses people until they lost their value to him, then he throws them away.

9. He often does a 180 degree turn on his views, saying now that children who are younger than 4 can't consent at all, which opens the door for discrimination of other groups in the pedophile community (nepiophiles).

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Jean_luc_Picard Jean_luc_Picard
Published on 6 December 2019.
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Some reasons why amos yee sucks and is not a good activist.
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