Shut up Amos Yee, part 3: Contact high

Shut up Amos Yee, part 3: Contact high This post is written upon many request after Amos Yee's post “The Most Effective Way to Defend Pedophiles”.

So once again Amos Yee entirely changed his view about what effective activism is. While very recently saying in the post “Stop Whining About Being A Pedophile” that pedophiles should stop telling their depressive sob stories because it would only harm the community, he now says we should actually tell those personal experiences because it's effective activism.
Amos Yee changing his mind is hardly word mentioning. He does it all the time. Like a couple of months ago when he suddenly proposed an Age of Consent of 8+ . Of which I now hear rumors that he changed his mind after privately talking with Leon (YL). Of whom I remember Amos ranting for days about how much Leon was doped out of his mind and gone completely insane as a conspiracy theorist.
If this rumor is true, which I suspect it is, what does that say about Amos that we didn't already know? Well honestly I can think of two evenly reasonable explanations. Either we've seen evidence of the first contact high ever or we see Amos reciprocate Leon's earlier made deceleration of love.

I can hardly continue after such an observation. But I will, because I do need to tell you once more why Amos Yee needs to shut up.

Amos Yee brings up a poster boy and girl from movements Dr. King and Malala Yousafzai. He speaks of the effectiveness of their message because it is about their deeply personal struggle. At this point I struggle with Amos his observation because there are two sides to that coin.
Let me start with my personal experience with this strategy of activism. Because actually this is how I started. The first time I did some actual activism was by telling my personal experiences in front of a crowd of a couple of hundred people. I repeated this a dozen times before I decided against it.
So in May of 2015 I gave a speech about my personal struggles as a pedophile in front of about 300 students at the University of Amsterdam. Just before me spoke two world renown professors one a sexologist and the other a sociologist. I was completely clueless and I had just rolled into the movement out of nowhere.
So after two lectures from absolute pro's who've between them been doing this kind of thing for over half a century I'm up. I talk about my personal struggle, my love for boys, how that made me question everything and how after that all I looked for support and walked into a huge amount of specialist psychologist, helplines, et cetera, that seemed to understand nothing and only made things worse. One of the lines in this story was my love for one boy. And I ended on the words “They can say whatever they want, but I still love him.”
I got a standing ovation and for the next hour and a half I was surrounded by a crowd of students. I took two trains to shake them off. I needed no knowledge, no fact based evidence to archive to be empathized with.

I repeated this and with the same result. Brought me a lot of attention really quick and before I knew it I was on TV, in fact, between my first public appearance and the recordings was just 5 months.
That was the moment I started to actually announce my doubt on status quo believes. We recorded for 7 hours and spoke about all aspects. My personal struggle and psychological help, but most of all, about stigmatization, sexuality and perspectives on childhood. They cut it down to personal psychological struggles because of stigmatization and available help like “Stop It Now”. I'd been lied to and now my story had been abused.

This repeated itself endlessly after and even if it was about my own experiences I got censored and my words butchered. As soon as my story went from me being pathetic to me being a victim, even the parts where it was the boys who had it bad, nobody cared anymore. It wasn't my rights (being violated) that made them sympathize, it was my martyrdom. And that wasn't supposed to be sexy at all.
Poster People are important. But the only way they work is if they are supported, backed up and pushed forward by a big, wide and solid movement. A movement build on community, shared culture and fact based evidence.
People don't care about our stories or our struggles. As individuals we have no chance to make change in society. As a community we stand a chance. But not by being the subject of a story of struggle and pain. Not by being martyrs.
The way to do it is by no longer taking it, coming forward as pedo and proud and present them with facts. Point out their prejudice and hypocrisy and show them what is wrong with the compounds of our society.

Your skepticism of this blog is very understandable. A story about my person experience to support that personal stories aren't effective in our activism. But speeches like that of Dr. Kind and Malala Yousafzai do have an effect. Those personal stories work because they are spoken towards an already sympathetic crowd. It's preaching to the choir.
But Amos his blog brings hope. Perhaps he now does see that a personal interest in the cause is necessary to be an effective activist. Maybe he mistakes his love for Leon for a personal interest. The connection between the two is very interesting and I've heard many old pedo's ask for their nudes.
Leon and Amos is a love story in the making and I for one endorse them to pursue it and I hope others will help them make this dream possible. I also encourage the both of you to then release the sex tape of you two fucking each others brains out because it will be the first time I'll ever see or hear from the two of you without me wanting to blow out my own.

Amos Yee's: “The Most Effective Way to Defend Pedophiles”
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Published on 7 December 2019.
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Rumors on Amos Yee and as always: Reasons why Amos Yee needs to shut up.
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