World War 3 is the only solution for MAP liberation.

World War 3 is the only solution for MAP liberation. This article was originally posted on BoyChat, and although a bit too radical, gives a starkly out of the box and crazy, but still practical idea, about how MAP liberation could be achieved. I have posted it again here for more people to read it and for more discussion to happen on it. Here it goes :

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - John F Kennedy

If the modern civilization has no place for us, the civilization itself should come to an end. There seems to be no victory in sight for us in the near future, no sympathy for our cause from any corner, not even in the next 100 years. In fact, now, even in third world countries like Pakistan and Egypt where things used to be pretty lax till now are getting harder on us, because of the increasing penetration of internet and hence contact with Western ideas and campaigns by NGO's. Even in those countries where local languages have no word for "pedophile", people are learning about the propaganda against us and where awareness used to be non-existent are getting more vigilant. We are being hunted down in every nook and corner of the world.

So, my suggestion is, if it is possible for any of us could get into a place from where we would possible trigger a nuclear war and nuke the modern civilization back to stone age, someone should strive for it. Any position from being a Defence Minister or Security Advisor where you will be in a position to influence the policy direction to start a war or to the position of a low profile soldier or a Navyman or Airforce Commando of your country, from where you could make an unauthorized use of missiles or other weapons to trigger a major war. Consider this option especially if you belong to a nuclear power like USA, Russia, China, India, Pakistan or any of the NATO countries or US allies, by whatever means possible try to get into such a sensitive position. My idea may sound violent, far-fetched and even Utopian, but remember even World War 1 was started by a single man called Gavrilo Princip and a single bullet and the world today is like a gas chamber, it only needs a spark to trigger World War 3. Seeing how peaceful and diplomatic the modern world has become, with no country wanting to risk a major war, it seems unlikely that WW3 will ever happen, but it is we who have to make it happen, for our sake.

My idea is not of turning into terrorists, in fact, I am talking about getting inside the government machinery itself to trigger it. Also, it is not about vengeance against the modern civilization. It would be the end of modern civilization as we know it, it would cause a nuclear winter and complete chaos and collapse of the Government system, Global Economy and the New World order, probably the world would turn into feudal units like middle ages, there would be severe shortage of food and one's personal survival will be the biggest goal of life. Fighting against pedophiles, pedophilia and what they call child sex abuse will be the last thing on their agenda, when humanity will have much serious problems to deal with, environmental crisis, food shortage, radiation poisoning of water, refugee crisis, law and order problems. Pedophile hunters will turn into scavengers. It is hard to imagine what a post-apocalyptic world would look like, but it certainly be a better place for us, it will be an almost lawless, stateless, feudal or tribal-like society. There will be complete economic collapse, when food security itself will be at stake, other secondary and tertiary sectors of the economy would have no meaning, big corporates would collapse, international organisation like UN and NGO's like ECPAT may cease to exist. It is only when things start to get too comfortable and cozy, that the state and its people start finding trivial things to bash about and fight against, as has been the experience in third world countries.

Of course, we too will suffer the physical hardships, but then again, what we are suffering today is no less, why should only we suffer while all other groups have only been benefited from the fruits of the modern world. It may sound too violent and brutal, but then that is how the civilization treats us, "A bullet to the head is all you need to cure pedophilia." Probably life expectancy will be so low, that to practice pedophilia may be the only hope for survival of mankind. A post-apocalyptic world would sound like hell, but be a heaven for us, life would become like it was back in the middle ages, nuclear winter for decades together would ensure that the life never gets too comfortable for people to care about whom your neighbor is having sex with. With no proper government or law enforcement, the world would become somewhat like present day Venezuela or even worse. It sounds Utopian, out of the box and like a fairy tale, but remember, its only one spark, one bullet, one missile away.

We only need to strike the first blow and then one after another nukes will fly across the continents. Say, you are a Navy commando in a Submarine in South China Sea, and if you can have unauthorized access of some missiles to bomb China and trigger WW3, as an example. This is the only way, we can never going to get our rights in the present scheme of things of democratic politics, judicial system and the brutally hostile attitude of the society.

I know it will cause extreme devastation, loss of millions of innocent lives, but then, we are already the most evil being living on this planet anyway, perhaps starting WW3 will still be considered a lesser crime than having sex with whom we love. We are not allowed to even form associations, if we form online forums they are taken down, clubs are raided, we are hunted down wherever we try to organize ourselves, so the only way left for us is to act as a Lone Wolf and cause a violent revolution. A revolution so violent, that it may well be the Last Battle of Mankind, life would never be the same again, but at least then they would leave us alone for us to love whom we love. They consider us weak, helpless, ignorable and pathetic minority, and yes we are, but they will not realize the power of a Lone Wolf, unless it will be too late for them. Millions need not die for the sake of our desires, but that have shut down all doors for us, we just wanted someone to love, that's all, a simple thing to ask for, just 1 lovely YF would have been enough, but we don't even deserve that, so a world, which doesn't have a place for a small minority, does not deserve to be a peaceful and happy place for anybody else. I hope this message of mine reaches everyone and gives a new meaning to their life, to live and to strive for, for the sake of the future generations of pedophiles like us, we need to do some sacrifice on our part.
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Published on 13 February 2020.
Last modified on 13 February 2020.
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This article was originally posted on BoyChat, and although way too radical, gives a starkly out of the box and crazy, but still practical idea, about how MAP liberation could be achieved. I have posted it again here for more people to read it and for more discussion to happen on it.
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