Creepyville Stories - Showdown Parts 1&2

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Atreyu83 Atreyu83
Published on 12 February 2020.
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The next day, as Mr. and Mrs. Pazuzu and their
minions make their way into Upper Creepyville,
Luke realises Mr. Pazuzu has become more powerful, and
despite his earlier intentions, does not want the others involved.
But is staying inside the house really the best option?

Special Cameo by Zalgo (created by Pamelyn Toniato Rezende).

Music Used in Part 1:
Aalborg Ambient Soundtrack - The Living Hills
Heart of the Beast - Kevin MacLeod.

PART 2 (Begins at 1:40):
After seeing that the Evil One has already taken an innocent life,
Luke unleashes all his anger to finally destroy the demon!

Music Used in Part 2:
Cry a Live - Live-a-Live
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