Survivors Ch. #15 - Assassins (Killing The Antichrist) - Apocalyptic Movie

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Published on 2 July 2020.
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Now that they know who the Antichrist is, the radical movement of end time believers must decide whether or not to take matters into their own hands and assassinate the final world leader. Will they be able to uphold their principles in these testing times? To go deeper into the issues explored in this video, read this chapter of Armageddon for Beginners: Join in forum discussions on this topic and more by clicking here Our email address can be found on the 'About' section of this channel. *** Survivors is a radical end time apocalyptic novel that doesn't water down the message to make it more palatable. Follow the main characters in this exciting story that shakes the typical mainstream churchy vision of the end times, and throws them into a context where they are forced to reconsider many of the pet doctrines they once held onto. Will they lose their faith? Or will they discover the real thing and overcome the great trials that will face everyone in the end times?
*** End Time Survivors is a movement preparing people for something called "The Great Tribulation". We welcome contributions from others. Check out other videos on our channel [] and visit our website for more information. Please subscribe to stay informed as we upload more videos each week. [Subscribe!]
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