The Ethics of Pedophilia [Pt 1]

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hikari hikari
Published on 3 July 2020.
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This is a video based on an essay I wrote last year. This first part might be a bit dry, as it mainly consists of reviewing and responding to academic research on adult-child sex, which as we shall see, almost entirely focuses on “abuse” narrative. Part 2 will focus more on the actual moral debate.
This is my first time making a video like this, so I’m sorry if it’s not great. How is the audio? Should I remake this video adding in the other Hornor studies, or is it better the way I have it? I figured if people were really interested in the studies, they could just read them themselves, and I didn’t want the video to be too dry.
I’ll add a download link for a full transcript and additional footnotes soon.
pedophilia, MAP, minor attraction, research, ethics, debate
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