A guy died in Florida on I75 this February

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Posted on 8 July 2020.
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In Florida in February 2020, a guy was hit by a tractor trailer rig on I75. It was reported as suicide but for all anyone knows some people could have grabbed him and dragged him to the side of the freeway and tossed him into the path of the truck.
On my bitchute channel I did a piece on it:

He had been bailed out of jail just days prior, on accusations of cheese pizza and flashing in public.

Anyway I think if this story is real it is all the more cause for our activism at decriminalizing and stigmatizing these activities. I also entertain some conspiracy theory interpretation, in that this story might be fake and produced as a way to deter people from this type of sexual activity. There are some interesting similarities to this story and fictional media pieces, most notably an old movie called The Duel about a guy who's being chased by a mysterious big truck that is always trying to hit him. He looks a lot like the guy who allegedly died on the freeway in Florida, especially the glasses which they claim were found lodged inside the truck's engine which you'll see if you watch the story from the crime scene cleanup firm which cleaned his disintegrated remains out of the truck (warning gruesome NSFW!).

I will include a scene from The Duel, which looks like the leas character is trying to protect a bunch of school kids from getting hit by the truck, note how much he's touching.

And look at the guy compared to the news story.
Don't they look similar?

A song and music video which I understand has become a pedophile anthem, Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls, notice how the underpass looks similar to the one where the truck is hiding in the duel movie scene I showed you.

Predictive programming? There are more details of this story I've researched, but are too complex for what I will mention in this first post I made. This post is just a basic overview. I found things coded into it which suggests it being staged or not what the official story claims.

Anyway as always let's change society. Decriminalize and make commonplace adult with youth intimacy!