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Norbert Norbert (site owner)
Posted on 17 September 2020.
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Hello EQF-OLF. You recently published a video titled "Child Porn Websites" that indirectly claimed (implicated) that certain actions are high risk "unless you are able to hide your internet protocol number [IP address]", and "that is not hard to do", "nor does it cost anything but a bit of time". Regardless of whether or not the latter is factually correct, these are the kind of videos that FreeSpeechTube cannot host, because they bring with them the risk of getting sued for 'aiding and abetting'. Content that explains what IP addresses are (and Tor is, etc) is welcome, content that explains the risk of visiting certain websites is welcome, but content that combines the two and ever so slightly gives the impression that the publisher might be 'aiding and abetting' is not welcome.