Being Minor-Attracted Is Normal

Being Minor-Attracted Is Normal Hello. Here i will share some speech of Alfred Kinsey, who is pro-pedophilia scientists. Back then, in 1948, The Rockefellers funded an experiments to show if adult-young sexual relationsships are harmful or not. What were the results of these experiments? Well, these experiments were performed on kids in two groups. The first group were kids aged from 5 months to 10 years. The second group were kids aged from age 11 to 14. The results are clear: All kids, EVERY SINGLE kid experienced multiple orgasms and enjoyed. You can check it on google by typing "Kinsey timed orgasms".

Now, here are some of his quotes.

"It is ordinarily said that criminal law is designed to protect property and to protect persons, and if society's only interest in controlling sex behavior were to protect persons, then the criminal codes concerned with assault and battery should provide adequate protection. The fact that there is a body of sex laws which is apart from the laws protecting persons is evidence of their distinct function, namely that of protecting custom."

"When children are constantly warned by parents and teachers against contacts with adults, and when they receive no explanation of the exact nature of the contacts, they are ready to become hysterical as soon as any older person approaches, or stops and speaks to them in the street, or fondles them, or proposes to do something for them, even though the adult may have had no sexual objective in mind. Some of the more experienced students of juvenile problems have come to believe that the emotional reactions of the parents, police officers, and other adults who discover that the child has had such a contact, may disturb the child more seriously than the sexual contacts themselves. The current hysteria over sex offenders may very well have serious effects on the ability of many of these children to work out sexual adjustments some years later..."

Did you know that Alfred Kinsey is also the father of the modern sex education? The comperhensive sexual educations we have today, is based on Kinsey's researches and experiments. His experiments proved that kids are able to experience organsms, so kids can be sexual. Kinsey's experiments DID NOT involve any violence - everything was concensual. All boys were able to get erection and to reach orgasms. All girls were abe to achieve orgasms too. And, all these kids DID NOT commit suicide later in life, right? They didn't get depressed, as anti-maps would say. Everything was ok.

Nowadays, minor-attracted people are prosecuted, just because they like younger sexual partners. Keep in mind that being minor-attracted is not something bad, it is 100% natural. Click here to see my previous publication about how in ancient times, adult-young relationships were normal and accepted. Link:
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Published on 4 December 2020.
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