"#SaveTheChildren", Pedo Liberation

During 2016-2020, we had a lot of people who used hashtags, such as "#SaveTheChildren". Donald Trump was fueling this movement, because he was talking about how he wants to stop the global human trafficking. The good thing is that this hashtag is almost dead, no one is using it.

Donald Trump signed a lot of documents for ending the human trafficking, which is very good. But his actions were used by people who seriously EXAGGERATED the situation to make it to look like human trafficking is everywhere, at any time, and everyone is human trafficker.

This made some people paranoid about human trafficking. They started talking bad words against pedosexual people (MAPS), there were mass reports, insults, death threats, etc... They thought everyone who is pedosexual, is a rapist and human trafficker, which is obviously false.

There was a lot of hate against pedosexual people, and misinformation against pedophilia and human trafficking.

But what happened? The protectionists and Donald Trump lost. And the globalists and Joe Biden won. As far as i know, the globalists are not interested in human trafficking, but in redistribution of economical wealth.

I don't want to see more news/tweets about human trafficking. I hope media will no longer talk about such things and exaggerating these things.

My hope is that the situation with the human trafficking, will no longer be exaggerated, and innocent pedosexual people will no longer be hated for no reason. What i want is people to understand is that MAPS are not monsters, but normal people like everyone else. I hope we won't see more hashtags such as "#SaveTheChildren", which was total misinformation about what human trafficking actually is. I want the next 10 years to be the decade of pedophilia normalization, and MAP acceptance. If the governments can silence conservative voices, we will achieve MAP liberation is less than 10-15 years.
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Published on 19 January 2021.
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