Pedophilia Is A Liberal Thing

Pedophilia Is A Liberal Thing Sex with children should be allowed, because sex with children isn't harmful. According to the Harm Principle, we should allow all actions that doesn't harm, and ban all actions that do harm.

QUOTE: "The belief "that no one should be forcibly prevented from acting in any way he chooses provided his acts are not invasive of the free acts of others" has become one of the basic principles of libertarian politics."


Children ARE sexual, and are able to recognize pleasure and enjoy sex. Pedophiles/MAPS, on the other side, are also sexual, and are able to recognize pleasure. If MAPS and children can be happy, build mutual relationships, then there is no place for the so-called "pedo-hunt".

If MAPS and children can build mutual relationships/enjoy sex, then sex between adults and children, is not harmful. If it's not harmful, but good, then it should be accepted. The "pedo-hunt" is harmful, so it must be banned.
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Published on 31 December 2020.
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