Tom O'Carroll On Pedophilia

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Published on 8 February 2021.
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Tom didn't explained it very well in this video. What he was trying to say, is that children are not traumatized by the fact they had sex with an adult, but because children are told they must be traumatized from sex with an adult.

For example, if you are a 14 years old girl, it's normal for you to want to have sex, because you have already reached sexual maturity. If you have a sex with a 30 years old male, which is perfectly normal, you will like it, and you won't experience trauma. But if someone constantly says you that sex between adult people and youg people is bad and immoral and causes trauma, you will start to feel guilty, and sooner or later you will be traumatized. In fact, trauma is caused by the idea that you must be traumatized, if you are underage and you have sex with adult people.

Having sex with adult people is a natural thing. Once you reach sexual maturity, at age 11-12, wanting to have sex with other people is good and natural. In places such as Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, the pederasty was accepted and no one was traumatized. No one was traumatized, because back then the idea that sex between young people and adult people is bad and traumatizing, wasn't installed in people's heads. Even today, there are still communities in which adult people have sex with children, and in fact, children are not traumatized.

In paces where sex between adult people and young people is accepted, children are not traumatized. In cultures where sex between adult pople and young people is demonized, stigmatized, children experince trauma, not because of the sex, but because of the idea that they must experience trauma.

From NAMBLA's website: "Repulsion and disgust are clearly culture driven. Certain foods, for instance, can be a delicacy in one culture or cause for retching in another. We don't have to go far to see this: escargots (i.e. snails), horse meat and raw minced meat are widely relished in Belgium and France but not here."

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