Facebook Discriminates Pedophiles

Facebook Discriminates Pedophiles In this publication, @Norbert explains how Wikipedia discriminates against child-lovers: https://www.freespeechtube.org/v/11Pm

According to what i understood, if you are a pedophile, you can't make edits on Wiipedia, even if the edits have nothing to do with pro-pedophilia activism. This "policy" is selective discrimination.

Facebook has similar policy. If you are registered on the sex offender registry, you are not allowed to use Facebook. Even if you are on the sex offender registry because of public peeing, you are still not allowed to use Facebook.

If you didn't rape anyone, but you urinated in public, why aren't you allowed to use facebook? You arent allowed to use facebook, because you are registered on the sex offender registry. This is discrimination. You can be registered on the registry, even if you didn't commit any "offence", but you simply urinated in public, or sent nude to someone. Even if you are a minor, you can still be registered for the same laughable reasons.

Being registered on the sex offender registry doesn't make you sex offender, because anyone can be registered for reasonsns that don't even include sex.

The profits of these companies depend on the majority of the users, so the companies are trying to satisfy the majority. Majority don't like pedophiles, so the companies restrict pedophiles. This is why we need to change the public opinion about child-lovers. Child-lovers have to be destigmatized and respected, because they are normal humans, not monsters.

Here is some more information about the harmful sex offender registry that causes violations of human rights:

Should the sex offender registry be abolished - video DEBATE: https://www.freespeechtube.org/v/12j3

Sex Offenders Aren’t All Monsters - https://www.hrw.org/news/2013/05/08/sex-offenders-arent-all-monsters

US: Sex Offender Laws May Do More Harm Than Good - https://www.hrw.org/news/2007/09/11/us-sex-offender-laws-may-do-more-harm-good

The Irreparable Harm of Placing Children on Sex Offender Registries in the US - https://www.hrw.org/report/2013/05/01/raised-registry/irreparable-harm-placing-children-sex-offender-registries-us

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Published on 9 February 2021.
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