How to Boost Your WiFi Signal

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Published on 9 February 2021.
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How to boost Wi-Fi signal at home:

Make your Wi-Fi much better with these quick tips; analyze, extend, and optimize your Wi-Fi easily!

0:00​ Introduction
1:13​ Tip 1 - Don't forget to reboot your router.
1:44​ Tip 2 - Keep your router updated.
2:14​ Tip 3 - Choose the less overcrowded channels.
4:32​ Use NetSpot to see surrounding WiFi networks and all their details.
7:50​ Performing a WiFi Site Survey

For more tips, just click the link above.

NetSpot for macOS and Windows:​

To perform a Wi-Fi site survey in this video, we used the NetSpot app that allows you to get to know everything about your WiFi coverage: wireless networks around, WiFi channels, signal strength, speed, and more. They even share their recommendations on how to fix the issues you faced in their Troubleshooting mode.

Firstly, start with the Discover mode to see all the networks around you. The more of them near your place, the stronger interference may be. Pay attention to the channel overlap graph to be sure you're not using the overcrowded one. This feature part is completely free, by the way, so you can download NetSpot and do your discoverings right away!

Switch to the Survey mode and start your first survey to get more insights about your Wi-Fi coverage at home. Take measurements in every point of your area and analyze the coverage visualizations when the survey is over.

Once you located the issues (either with interference, speed, and the likes), just fix them and go over the survey again to make sure you're in the red (hot, as we're talking about heatmaps) zone, which confirms the best Wi-Fi signal.

Follow our tips and use NetSpot to boost your Wi-Fi signal, and enjoy your holidays watching movies and playing online games!

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