Study: Child Sex Is Not Harmful As People Think

Study: Child Sex Is Not Harmful As People Think A lot of people claim that sex with children is harmful and destructive. Are these claims correct or just exaggerated claims?


"In the United States and Great Britain in particular, but also increasingly in other Western
nations, mobilizing against and punishing sex offences involving minors has gone from an
occasional, unsystematic effort some 40 years ago to a consuming obsession today. To many,
this change is welcome, based on the belief that age-gap sex with minors is uniquely injurious,
pathological, and criminal. By this thinking, harsh and even extreme measures are often seen as
justified. In the US—on this issue, the trendsetter for the rest of the world—adults involved in
non-coercive sexual episodes with minors, who might have been punished only with probation in
the 1970s, today often receive sentences of decades or more in prison. Those who get out often
face permanent shaming via public registries on the internet, exposing them to attacks, threats,
harassment, property damage, and loss of housing and employment. More and more they also
face onerous zoning restrictions that exile them from communities and force them to reside in
trailers outside town or under bridges. To critics, however, this hyper-attention and harsh
response reflects a moral panic built on unfounded assumptions, dubious ideology, invalid
science, media sensationalism, and political pandering. They contend that the response is
becoming more and more inhumane and draconian. Additionally, they complain, the
overreaction is spilling over to non-sexual relations between the generations, poisoning them
through the unwarranted suspicions it fosters and weakening them by forcing participants to be
artificially distant from one another, much to the disadvantage of youths."

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Published on 11 February 2021.
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