Use "Sex Fascists" instead of Antis

Use "Sex Fascists" instead of Antis Word play is also an important part of activism, like for other oppressed groups they have, "You are racist", "You are sexist pig", "You are homophobic bigot". For us, saying "You are an Anti", sounds like an empty fart. Hence, we need to use the term "Sex Fascist" instead to address the group of people who are against us. As far as I know, the credit for coining the term goes to @The_Emperor, hats off to you.

The problem I find with using Antis is that:
1) Anti which is a shortened version of Anti-MAP, gives an impression that they are only against MAPs and not against children. It might also seem that they are Anti-MAP and Pro-child, when that is not really the case. They hate children, and the idea of a child as a sexual being, as much as they hate MAPs and adult-child relationships. Protecting children is just an excuse. Hence, the term "Sex Fascists" is all encompassing, which means that they hate both MAPs and children's sexuality.

2) The term Anti is used as a prefix (Anti-clockwise, Anti-matter), hence it feels like an incomplete word when spoken . Also, if you Google it, it is a general word used to refer to any person a person opposed to a particular policy, activity, or idea. While the term Sex Fascist, hits right on the spot, to the people opposed to sexual relationships between adult and children. Though it can also mean that people who are opposed to gay sex, but for them already the term homophobic bigots and others are there, which are in quite popular use, and they do not need any new words and they are already liberated. We need to appropriate the term Sex Fascists for ourselves, to mean anyone who is against our relationships.

3) For a layman, who is not aware about the MAP vs Anti-MAP conflict, or whose native language is not English, they might think that it means Anti-Semitism, Anti-Feminist or something else. Hence, the term Sex Fascist is sits here perfectly.

4) Though the term is new and hardly out there in popular parlance, yet, you can apply it with retrospective effect, to call the people who opposed homosexuality or inter-racial sex, or sex outside of marriage back in the day. Hence, it gives a cohesive feel that, MAP-child liberation struggle is just a continuation of Sexual Revolution that started about a Century and a half ago.

5) We have a lack of other impactful terms, like Pedophobes or pedophobic bigots, also doesn't resonate well. And the term pedophobic literally means someone who is scared of kids. And again it is related to the tainted word "Pedophile" so, again it doesn't give good vibes. The other terms like mapphobes are also quite awkward to spell. And again this term focuses on the "MAP" aspect of the issue, and ignores the child aspect of it.

For example, in one of my blogs that you can read from my profile, I have used it in the following paragraph:

"Our war with the Sex Fascists is two centuries old, first it was about caste/race, then sex between unmarried couples, then gender and now age has been made the scapegoat, that too just recently. Sex fascists and Puritans have always been the torch bearers of sexual morality in every era and they have always been on the wrong side of history. They were wrong when the used to say women are asexual, they were wrong about homosexuality was unnatural and a disease. Distorting or exaggerating facts, spreading lies, fear, hysteria and panic has been their modus operandi, yet the truth has always triumphed. The Sexual Revolution that started two centuries has reached its final phase, and these are just the last few yards remaining, we just need to strike the final blow and not back out at this crucial stage and let the Sex Fascists win."
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Published on 2 April 2021.
Last modified on 2 April 2021.
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We need to start playing the word game, just like they do with us.
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