She deserved it.

She deserved it.

Former teen girlfriend of marilyn manson is accusing him of being a meanie! And she's going to the FBI because of it!

"When he was with his entourage or a group of guys, he would say things to me, that I was fat"

"Allaine has said she has a meeting set up with the FBI in Maryland"


Other accusations include that he forcefully kissed her. (she started dating him afterwards). And that he would convince her to have sex with multiple guys. (she didn't say no).

Just another professional victim that wanted to date a bad boy, got burned, and doesn't want to take responsibility for her actions. Nothing new here.

Girls like this, and evan rachel wood, will be the ones that get the AoC raised to 21, maybe even 25. Nothing they do is their fault. When they make bad decisions, it's because they are girls, they are too young, they were manipulated, etc. They present women as weak fragile creatures that can't take care of themselves (just like the womens puritan movement in the 1800s that got the AoC raised from 13 to 16) and men will never call them on their bullshit.

In other news, corey feldman accuses marilyn manson of grooming him. (corey feldman was 28 when he was groomed) HAHAHA

This is hell folks. And we're all doomed.

How much you guys wanna bet lord abigor will be responding under this post, sporting a pink "my pussy bites back hat", calling me a misogynist? Muahahaha.

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Freetheteens69 Freetheteens69
Published on 11 May 2021.
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