Propaganda, war, hate, suffering - created/fomented by the rich to distract you from wealth theft

Propaganda, war, hate, suffering - created/fomented by the rich to distract you from wealth theft Read/watch these examples of pro-establishment propaganda and ask yourself how they all tie in together and what they mean (more on this at the end).

In jaw-dropping videos, crazies claim that the riots/insurrection on Jan 6th were just like any other day. Did you know that during a normal tourist day at the Capitol five people die? Sounds pretty dangerous visiting that place! Why would this be happening? The same reason why the protests against police murdering black people were demonized: fascism and the need to create scapegoats. Everything that the whities do is good because they're white, but anything blackies or brownies do is evil and bad and any aggression towards them is justified while any aggression by whities is justified and not a problem. Racism is one of the fears/hatreds that fascism and other power-hungry systems use to create scapegoats.

Republicans Try to ENTIRELY REWRITE What Happened on January 6th

Google and the establishment continue banging the war drum against allowing independent voices on Youtube. As Google becomes more and more establishment, it will continue to deplatform and suppress non-establishment videos and recommending establishment ones. Everyone needs to boycott Google permanently by switching to more open platforms such as PeerTube and Mastodon. I'd love to link to those sites instead of Google, but most of the channels I watch aren't anywhere else. As for the title of this video, it's not Corporate Media vs. Google, it's Corporate Media AND Google against everyone else. Google can use this ammo that "crazies exist on Youtube!!" to turn around and deplatform and censor even more independent good voices who do care about facts and truth. Misinformation is definitely a problem, yes, but corporate media is the biggest benefactor of lies and misinformation and is responsible for, for example, the Israel situation...

Corporate Media SMEARS YouTube

Here is some information that you need to know about the slow apartheid/genocide against Palestinians. If you live in the U.S., billions of dollars of your tax money is going to continue institutionalized murder and wealth stealing abroad at the behest of the rich and corporations. This is obvious once you learn about how the CIA and military have been used for centuries to economically conquer and/or control all other nations. Any nations that dare use their wealth for good, equitably distribute it among their citizens, and NOT give the majority of it to the rich and powerful at the helm of the U.S. fascist/neoliberal/neoconservative government is seen as an enemy to be toppled. The primary export of the U.S. is fascism, while they lie to you can claim they care about Good Things and that's why they had to invade and murder millions.

Yang Receives MASSIVE Backlash For Defending Israel’s Attack On Al-Aqsa Mosque

Why The Squad's Condemnation of Israeli Apartheid is HUGE | Twitch Highlights

How Israel Is Carrying Out Apartheid w/ Amira Hass, Labor Shortage, & Cost of Motherhood | Weekends

So what is fascism? It's when bigotry, war, scapegoats, anti-science, lies, authoritarianism, and capitalism are all used by the rich and powerful to steal power and wealth from the masses. Their goal is to distract you from this theft and destruction of your livelihood which leaves you wallowing and suffering in despair by blaming it all on The Others. They will lie to do this, obviously, since The Others, the scapegoats, aren't actually at fault, those in charge are at fault for stealing this wealth and causing this pain. They use fear, hatred, bigotry, and propaganda as weapons to make everyone fall in line and support them while they're busy stabbing everyone in the back. This is ultimately self-destructing since when they run out of one scapegoat, they have to create another, and another, and another. How many different people, besides obviously Jews, ended up in concentration camps? Communists, gays, pedos, zoos, basically anyone who could be turned into a scapegoat was. Just like monarchies, dictatorships, mini-dictatorships known as corporations i.e. capitalism, and other oppressive authoritarian government types, fascism seeks to steal wealth, but arguably more so than some of those others because it's geared by nature to favor "profits", bigotry, and lies. It's one of the most violent, anti-life, anti-environment/nature, anti-truth, anti-science, anti-progress forms of government to exist thus far. America is a fascist state, and really nothing is missing in comparison to Nazi Germany except the degree of certain aspects being different.

Concentration camps? Check, the border camps for asylum seekers and immigrants where many have died due to horrible conditions. (too lazy to find a video about this)

White supremacy? Check. Here's one example of how the corporate media is pushing, for example, white replacement fearmongering which is literally Nazi propaganda.
Tucker Carlson Laughs Off Backlash to His 'Great Replacement' Rant, Then Doubles Down

Stealing of wealth from the poor and funneling it to the rich? Checkcheckcheckcheeeeeeeeeck. Bezos now has stolen ~200 billion dollars of our money.

Control of the majority of the news so that everyone is fed a fat daily dose of propaganda? Check. Even single billionaires directly own some of the news sources while the rest might be owned through the corporate model, but ultimately the majority is, of course, owned by the rich.

In conclusion, all these things fit together because it's all about the rich and powerful using propaganda, war, and other forms of violence to distract the populace away from the fact that the status quo helps them and has made them filthy rich. They like it, they love it, they want more of it. So that's why the establishment is so...establishmenty. Because it benefits them, and they don't want it changed. Distract, suppress and censor truth and science; foment bigotry, fear, hate, and war; blame the poor and justify the continued theft against them; and continue to push socialism for me (Wall St. bailouts, massive COVID-19 stimulus money giving the rich and powerful even more money while decreasing worker's wages even more (see Jacobin vid)), but not for thee.

Everyone would have very comfortable, well-off lives if as productivity increased, worker wages also increased as they should. You, right now, would be way way way more comfortable and happy while you lived and worked (if able), not having to fear getting sick or continually fighting for table scraps from your employer, if wealth was distributed in a moral, just, fair way. $15 minimum wage? Making it so that a business can't operate unless workers are at least able to survive doing what they're doing? Sure, of course, and those businesses should be raising prices on products if they have to lol, that's called BASIC BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE (but they don't have to, they just have to stop stealing their workers' money). But what matters FAR MORE than raising the minimum wage to a pathetic $15/hr? There needs to be laws that say companies can't have more than a 1:2 maximum pay ratio difference between the lowest and highest paid employees to force these authoritarian capitalist greedy rich leeches to take a much smaller and fairer share of the income in the business. Among lots and lots of other things that need to change. ^>.<^

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Published on 16 May 2021.
Last modified on 17 May 2021.
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