Conspiracy theories are the new religion

Conspiracy theories are the new religion Both conspiracy theories and religion allow someone with a deep fear of things which are beyond their control (or which they think are beyond their control so they don’t have to actually do something) to feel safe.

Pray to protect your house against tornadoes. Oh was your house destroyed by a tornado anyway? It was all part of God’s plan something mysterious mysteries something God is just trying to teach you a lesson something you’re still SAFE.

Upset that Trump isn’t Supreme Dictator because for some unfathomable reason you like him after all the tax cuts for the rich, anti-trans, anti-gay, corrupt, fascist, evil shit that he’s done and all the lies he has made in every other sentence all because you still somehow hope that he is anti-establishment even after backpedaling on most all of the anti-establishment changes he said he’d push for? It was the Deep State, they rigged the elections, because of a shaky cam footage of a news reporter’s wagon holding parts to a camera! One day, Trump will rise up and take over America, laws be damned and democracy be damned. He’ll be Hitler II and murder anyone who dares to protest against things like police brutality and murder, and send the gays and pedos and trannies and everyone you're fearful of to the gas chambers. Then you’ll be SAFE.

It doesn’t matter that all of this stuff is demonstrably false. Truth, evidence, logic, they’re all useless here because these pawns of the rich only care about their feefees and feeling safe. How can you bring them back and save them from the Faux Newses and MSNBCs and every other propaganda outlet owned by the rich (corporations are owned and controlled by the rich) with a vested interest in distracting everyone from continuing the gutting of the things that help everyone but the rich? Having grown up in a propaganda-pushing religious family, I can say that addressing the root of their concern is the only way forward. You have to get to the core issue behind why someone is saying what they are so that you can then discuss that root issue. For this to happen, someone has to be forthcoming with you. They have to show you that they’re open to discussion, care about problems, care about other animals, and want to make the world a good loving place, and show them that you want that as well. Basically, you have to show that you’re coming from a genuine place of love and show mutual respect for each other. You need to get them to open up, seek truth, drop their aggression and defenses, talk about those root thought processes that have brought them to such a wrong and irrational conclusion, and show them that your intention is to do the same thing too. Merely pointing out facts to them has a low chance of penetrating those defenses and getting through to them, especially if it’s just a series of quips that only make them want to attack back, which is the type of environment that Twitter foments.

However, even though "quips" might not really help convince someone to rethink their position, pointing out those fallacies can make a difference with those viewing the discourse, so can have a positive effect. When propaganda pushers like Prager (owned by rich people) and others put out their propaganda, the videos and content countering that stupidity helps prevent it from festering and remaining unchallenged. Unchallenged ideas are the worst because then those hearing the content will think that there is 100% agreement and are less likely to question it. This is also why censorship is so harmful. For example, if a platform censors pro-sex positive discussion, then only sex negativity remains and will make others receiving that information think that sex must only be negative.

Let me also add that calling something a "conspiracy theory" when there is evidence to back it up is foolish, and that conspiracies (two or more groups working together) do certainly happen. The question is are you just reaching because you want to justify something, perhaps a fear of yours, or are you a critical thinker and seeker of truth who has evidence to back up the things you believe?
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Published on 30 May 2021.
Last modified on 30 May 2021.
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