Hypocrisy from the right/libertarians.

Hypocrisy from the right/libertarians. An interesting topic that exposes people's (specifically conservatives and libertarians) arguments against adults and children being sexual together is the one of children and firearms.

Recently, I came across anarcho-capitalists praising and supporting a short video of a little girl shooting a sub-machine gun: https://old.reddit.com/r/Anarcho_Capitalism/comments/od1257/perfect_parents_dont_exi/

I then found a tweet of someone posting the video and saying "This isn't normal": https://twitter.com/patriottakes/status/1407869834692415489?s=20

What fascinated me at first were the arguments the anti-gun people on twitter were using. Here are some examples:

Seriously, it's written all over her face, especially at the end; she's just doing this for approval. It could just as easily be a painting if that's what whomever was holding the camera encouraged. (I'm guessing the videographer was one of the child's primary parents). How sad.


THIS is child abuse!! Totally abnormal! some people don't deserve to have kids! and these people are one of them!!


That little girl needs to be making mud pies and playing with dolls, not learning to fire an Uzi at some non-existent boogeyman.

and a deleted comment that had said something along the lines of:

Do you think she understands the risks of using a gun? She could kill someone or herself!"

I am sure most of you see the irony. All of these arguments are used in some way to claim children should not be allowed to be sexual with adults. People will say the child only acts like they enjoy the sexual interaction for the adults approval or they will say that the child should be a child and playing with toys, not having sex or say the child doesn't really understand the risks etc.

Remember that those that oppose us do not use rational arguments. There is no logic to their point of view. They react purely on emotion.

Conservatives and libertarians had no problem easily ripping apart these arguments.

When someone said the child didn't truly understand, they said that is why the adult keeps them safe. When someone said the child doesn't know how to safely use the gun, they said the adult helps them learn. When someone said she should be playing with toys, they said looks how much fun she is having, she can do both.

Then, without an ounce of awareness, those same people will then say a child doesn't understand the potential consequences of sexual interactions, a child doesn't know how to be safe, the child should be playing with toys etc.

With conservatives and libertarians, firearms are an amazing comparison to make when trying to show that adult/child sexual encounters can be safe, fun and mutually enjoyed.

To my fellow intellectuals, do you feel that libertarians and conservatives are being hypocritical? Do you believe comparing firearms to sexual interactions is a good avenue to help people realize the truth?
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Kaila_Breece Kaila_Breece
Published on 5 July 2021.
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Hypocrisy from the right/libertarians.
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