Adolf Hitler was a socialist

Adolf Hitler was a socialist I want to inform the audience that swiftpaw is censorsing comments on his post that he doesn't like. Therefore, there won't be any harsh disagreement in the comments below his articles, because he censors the disagreeing comments.

He censored my comment which said that the three most murderous people in the history of mankind were socialists. Since swiftpaw himself seems to be a socialist, he probably didn't like that and therefore deleted my comment. But yes, Mao was a socialist, Stalin was a socialist, and Adolf Hitler was a national SOCIALIST. And those are the three people in the history of mankind that killed the most people. That should tell you something. Socialists are very dangerous manipulators, who will use any means available to them to achieve their goals. They will murder especially helpless and destitute people. They also often censor people who disagree with them, like swiftpaw did with my comment.

And in case that anyone raises doubts that Adolf Hitler was a socialist. Here is a quote of Adolf Hitler himself:
"Ultimately, that is exactly why we call ourselves National Socialists! We want to start using socialism in our nation and among our people! International socialism cannot be introduced until the individual nations have become socialist." - Adolf Hitler

Otto Wagener in Hitler Memoirs of a Confidant editor, Henry Ashby Turner, Jr., Yale University Press (1985) p. 288

Another quote, from Gregor Strasser, longtime companion of Adolf Hitler and high ranking nazi party politician:
"We are socialists, arch enemies of the current capitalist system [...] and we have set ourselves the goal of abolishing this system under all circumstances." - Gregor Strasser, Adolf Hitler's long time companion
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Published on 6 July 2021.
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