Straight men naturally prefer tweens and teens. (FAKE NEWS, Read Norbert's response)

Straight men naturally prefer tweens and teens. (FAKE NEWS, Read Norbert's response) A modern trend that has arisen in the last 50ish years is the trend of men and women of similar ages pairing off. Humans have always had some decent gap between males and females when it came to relationships. Similar age relationships with the exception, not the rule. This is now reversed. I do believe it plays a part in the higher divorce/single parenthood rate. The topic is extremely complicated. I would never say this same age relationship trend is a primary factor, but it definitely plays a role.

Let's look at two graphs...

When you ask men what age they find most attractive you get:

However, when you measure stimuli and natural arousal you get:

When asked, most men will give a more socially acceptable answer. This is similar to females, who will say they prefer men their age, but that is not accurate as most females prefer older males due to older males generally being stronger both physically and financially. In this regard, both males and females are answering based on what they believe is acceptable, not reality.

When men are shown stimuli, they find the bodies of girls aged 12-18 the most attractive. This is biological normalcy. Men in their 20s and 30s, without social stigma, would be pairing off with girls in their tweens and teens. The young girls would have a financially stable and physically strong mate to care for her and any children they have. To note: I am not saying we should go back to females primarily existing for the purpose of pairing with an older male and having kids. I am stating reality and the state of natural humans. Females and males should be able to make these decisions on their own.

Note the sharp decline after the teens and then the second sharp decline after the mid-20s. Older females are just not that physically attractive, especially these days when most people (male and female) do not take very good care of themselves. This harms females more in the sexual market place. I have seen many females 18-40s naked both in person and online. Generally, if they are older than mid-20s, they do not compare to the clothed tweens and teens I see out and about during summer or on the beach. When a male feels comfortable with you, they will reveal where their true attractions lie.

While I am a pedophile, I am also attracted to teens and "legal" females. I am pretty open about my attraction to teens and obviously "adult" females. So a lot of the guys I am with will admit to attraction to teens hell even well endowed 12/13 year old girls. They know I do not judge and I let them know the truth, that it is normal. Even some females have admitted to finding younger females very attractive due to youthful skin, perky breasts and taut behinds.... getting myself excited I gotta stop haha jokes jokes, we are intellectuals here.

This leads me to the older female response to this. Older females (especially single ones but also insecure older females in general) know this reality on an instinctual level. In order to maintain power in the sexual market place, they have used social and emotional avenues (this is natural for females in general) to extremely stigmatize not just "adult" and "minor" relationships but also age gap relationships beyond 5-10years. Feminism has largely moved from empowering females to have their innate rights respected to pretty much protecting old, fat, single females from sexual market place devaluation.

When a female is confident in herself and her relationship, she is just as quick as a male to acknowledge the innate attractiveness of young females.

On a more personal note: I am kind of getting up there in age... between late 20s and early 30s. I am lucky that I have a youthful appearance and that I am in athletic shape. I have a self-care routine and people usually place me at early to mid 20s. I have absolutely no interest in females over 25. Call me Leonardo DiCaprio. To be honest, my preferred age range is about six/seven to fourteen, but I am a realist. I seek females 17 (legal where I live) to 22 mainly. My last relationship was with a 19 year old. We had a mutual separation due to very different political/philosophical beliefs.

To my fellow intellectuals, do you feel my observation and analysis of the data is correct? What age partner do you seek out, considering our frustrating legal and social limitations.

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Published on 6 July 2021.
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FAKE NEWS Read Norbert's response.
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