Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian (and how socialists saved May Day from the Nazis)

Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian (and how socialists saved May Day from the Nazis) Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian, and that's based because being a vegetarian is based. Just because Hitler did something doesn't instantly make that thing good or bad, and if you think that, you're either trying to push an agenda and aren't using your brain at all and so are an idiot too, or you're just an idiot. Hitler was also a human, but that doesn't mean all humans are evil.

In addition to being a vegetarian, Hitler was also a fascist racist homophobic murderous genocidal piece of shit, too. These particular things are evil, not based like vegetarianism is.

The Nazis cynically tried to appeal to workers and pretended they'd help them. Hitler pretended he was pro-worker (appealing to socialism) when he did nothing for them in the end. He only lied and used his lies to gain power. He used lots of other populist messaging as well, including being anti-Jew and fomenting hatred towards Jews as a scapegoat to further gain power. He threw anyone he could demonize under the bus to distract the public while he rose to power and became an authoritarian fascist leader.

For some fascinating information about populist messages that Nazis pretended to care about to gain power, for example Paganism, watch this video:
How Socialists Saved May Day from the Nazis — Meagan Day

More on fascism and how to identify it coming later!
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Published on 7 July 2021.
Last modified on 8 July 2021.
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