He's called AdolF Hitler, not Adolph Hitler

He's called AdolF Hitler, not Adolph Hitler So Swiftpaw, the triggered socialist, tried to make a counter to my article about Adolf Hitler being a socialist.
And he misspelled the name Adolf Hitler. Not just once, but all throughout his article. Seriously, you can't even make this shit up.
This is my article which proves that Adolf Hitler was a socialist, according to his own words:

And Swiftpaw is still censoring me and everyone else who criticizes him in comments below his articles. Swiftpaw. Not only are you so uneducated that you can't spell Adolf Hitler correctly, you then also censor people, so that nobody can tell you that you spelled his name incorrectly. And then socialists wonder why they have no money.
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Published on 8 July 2021.
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