Children are starving for mutual, equal relationships with adults. Pedophiles fill that role.

Children are starving for mutual, equal relationships with adults. Pedophiles fill that role. Recently, I got to spend about one hour with a couple little girls (about 9/10). We did not know each other but by the end of it they did not want to leave me, but they needed to go. These two girls were so damn excited and happy to talk to an adult male who did not interact with them from a position of superiority but from a position on level with them. Kids are starving for such interactions because that is how they learn to behave in mature, respectable and appropriate ways. We treat children like toddlers until their teens, then we treat teens like children until 18 then we treat young adults like teens until about 25ish. We attack adults who dare form relationships on level with kids. Partly because, sexuality will naturally emerge from that.

In my situation, multiple adults in the area were impressed with how I was able to engage with them like that, as if I had some plan and manipulation tactic. I simply told them, I respect them as humans and don't judge them based on age. I understand we have wide gaps in life experiences but that can happen at any age. I understand I have more mental capabilities but again, that happens between myself and similar aged adults. There is no reason to look down on kids for simply those reasons. The irony is, people assume the way I interact means the kids will "walk all over" me. The opposite happens, they become more inclined to act and behave in mature and appropriate ways. They consciously or unconsciously realize they have something rare, a mutual connection with an adult, they know they can't act immature too much, or risk wedging that relationship. Likewise, I know I can't act too much like some "superior" adult, or risk them acting "like a kid" and defaulting to the immaturity that our society and social structure foster.

I told them I likely could only see them once a week. I said I'd make sure to visit "please do that, I loved talking with you" was the response I got. Kids are dying for these interactions. Normie adults no longer fill that role in any real capacity. Pedophiles have filled that role for all of human history and we are the only ones doing it now. This, ironically, leads to more child led/child supported adult/child sexual relationships. Due to significant will power and much knowledge on iatrogenic and sociogenic harm... I have never attempted to initiate a sexual interaction with a female of illegal age. However, countless times girls have attempted to initiate a sexual interaction with me. Youngest being five, most of them in the eight to thirteen range. This is actually normal, regardless of what so called "experts" say. It would be normal and healthy for me to reciprocate (though I never have). Even in school settings, in a classroom, I have had girls rub themselves on me and look up at me knowingly. Sometimes, the girls even got angry when I rejected their advances. One particularly humorous moment "lick it! At least kiss it! Stop being dumb just kiss me there!" She was 8. I redirected her attention, but it is what it is. Humans are sexual from birth and seek sexual attention and interaction at nearly all ages from people they like. When an adult forms a mutual and equal relationship with a child, it will often lead to such requests.

To my fellow intellectuals, have you ever formed a mutual/equal relationship with a child you fancied? Have children ever attempted to initiate sexual interactions with you (that I know you rejected/redirected of course)? Does what I said make sense at all?
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Kaila_Breece Kaila_Breece
Published on 9 July 2021.
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We are all human, children respond well to being treated like equal humans.
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