When pedophiles behave like antis, right here on this site.

When pedophiles behave like antis, right here on this site. There is definitely something ironic going on at this site. So far, two users, Swiftpaw and Lilsweetheart have muted me from responding to their posts. One of which, Swiftpaw, has complained about censorship by antis and conservatives calling it oppression.

I want to be very clear, even an oppressed minority will abuse any power they are given if it helps them feel comfortable and prevents their ideas from being challenged. We are seeing this right now with the LGBT community, that is now employing significant bully tactics and censorship to control some kind of narrative.

I have never been outright insulting, rude, distasteful, aggressive, nasty etc. on this site. I have given my opinion, often with reasoning to back it up, sometimes with little or no reasoning and that alone has upset the two mentioned so much that they muted me.

Free and open discourse is the life blood of the intellectual. It says a lot when one wants to be able to give their opinion but will refuse to allow people to comment on it. Even worse, Lilsweetheart seemed to be engaging, then muted me after responding to me. Was this to make it seem like I had no response? Was it because they did not want their views challenged? Ironically, they completely misunderstood what I said and muted me based on emotion. So as an example:

I said: Either way, if a pedophile advocates for youth liberation, they should never do so as a pedophile. They will never be taken seriously.

Lilsweetheart said: Why not?

I said: Any attempt by an out pedophile to advocate for youth liberation will lead to people dismissing them as just wanting to pork kids without parents or other adults being able to stop them.

Lilsweetheart said" I actually want to follow this thread of thought for a minute.

So if I'm a pedophile, if I happened to be attracted to kids, then, wanting them to have autonomy, personal freedom & the chance to thrive becomes an irony?

So if I loved kids, wanting the best for kids would be ironic
apparently because I also want to make love to them?

Am I understanding the line of reasoning correctly Kaila?

Then they muted me, not allowing me to respond after posing a question.

No Lilsweetheart, you did not understand correctly. Do I want to spell it out for you? Nope.

I guess one positive is Lilsweetheart has allowed my previous comments to remain, Swiftpaw wouldn't even allow my comments to show up on his posts.

People, can we not be like antis and mute/censor any voice that doesn't say exactly what we want to hear?

To my fellow intellectuals, do you think this is just an issue we will always have to deal with? Is social media making open discourse easier or, ironically, more difficult?
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Kaila_Breece Kaila_Breece
Published on 16 July 2021.
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Don't abuse the mute button.
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