I refuse to settle, you should too.

I refuse to settle, you should too. For a couple weeks we grew close. She, in her late teens to early twenties, me, in my late twenties to early 30s. We were generally aware of the age of one another. It wasn't some mystery, I am not a deceptive person especially when it comes to someone I may want to spend the rest of my life with. I am a non-exclusive pedophile, but my attraction to youthful appearances and personalities is compounded by my overall attractions. This girl is funny, intelligent, we share similar interests, we have similar taste in music, she can defend her political views with rational points and not hysterical nonsense etc. I did not intend to, but I really fell for her and she for me, but clearly not as much as I did for her. We spent hours together and partook in many fun activities, we were texting and playing video games together. Watching movies and discussing/debating political points as well as philosophical ones.

Friends, I do not know what happened, but randomly she flipped a switch. I got the cold shoulder, she began to ignore me with spurts of connection that she disconnected from again. Her friend shared with me that she felt I was too old, despite not caring earlier. Frustrated, I gave up attempts at communication. I came to realize her friends were spending their time convincing her that I was too old, that I was weird, that I was creepy. The more social female has a more difficult time breaking from the mold than the more independent male. Yes, those are generalizations but they are true none-the-less.

We live in a society that strongly pushes similar age relationships. For a multitude of reasons, from personal to biological to psychological... I oppose this. I find girls around my age almost repulsive. Sure, I may have sexual relations with them, but once those happen I just have no interest in being romantic or emotional. Not so for girls like the one I am speaking about here. The age gap is large enough that I find her supremely attractive in all ways but not so large that it is quite ridiculous. My preferred age gape range that seems to sit best with me is ten to fifteen years, but girls over 25 are a no go for me most of the time... even over 23. I am told I should get with a girl my age, I am pressured, I am insulted but I will not bend.

I am told that I would get along better with a girl my age, I have never met a girl my age able to discuss politics like I was with this girl in her late teens. Most girls my age are looking to use their bodies to manipulate a more submissive male into a relationship so she can have kids before it is too late. To me, that is a poor foundation for a relationship. Not only this, but I find the aged features of girls in their late 20s and older very unattractive, especially since many don't take care of themselves physically aside from pounding on makeup. As a pedophile, I can spot fake youth from a mile away. Makeup, except when used to highlight features, is horrid to me.

I will not bend, I will not settle. If that means I will die alone and bitter? So be it, that is preferable to being stuck with someone I have no interest in that is likely using me to have kids and as a wallet. I thought I was lucky being a non-exclusive pedophile, but even that is becoming negligible. Age gap relationships of even five or more years are viewed through the lenses of grooming, predatory behavior and abuse. I blame modern feminism for this and women trying to corner the sexual market place, but that is not for here.

For here... I purchased a coin. One with an astrological sign that matches the one of this girl. I will keep this coin as a reminder, that I shall never settle, as a reminder, that our society is cruel and I will never be rid of it until I die or enter into a relationship that I did not settle for but truly enjoy.

My fellow intellectuals... never settle.
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Kaila_Breece Kaila_Breece
Published on 12 August 2021.
Last modified on 15 August 2021.
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A little rant from your fellow intellectual. I am not going to proofread or edit, let my raw thoughts flow forth.
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