Pedophiles Must Target Children

Pedophiles Must Target Children >Monster-90009, an outspoken expert, to speak:

If minor-attracted people want to normalize and legalize not only pedophilia, but minor-attraction as a whole, they need to target children with explanations why pedophilia (not only pedophilia, but minor-attraction as a whole) is normal and natural.

Children are the next generation that will influence political decisions. Adults are the current generation that influences political decisions.

Adults won't change, regardless of how much we explain to them why pedophilia is normal and natural. Adults already have fully developed moral systems and personalities, and these moral systems and personalities will not change. This means that adults will not change their anti-MAP opinions with pro-MAP opinions, meaning adults will not influence any pro-MAP political decisions.

Children don't have fully developed moral systems and personalities, which is why a 5 years old kid will think and behave differently when they become 10 years old, then they will think and behave differently when they become 15 years old, and then they will think and behave differently when they become 20, 25... years old, AT THE SAME TIME, A 55 YEARS OLD PERSON WILL NOT THINK AND BEHAVE DIFFERENTLY WHEN THEY BECOME 60, 65 OR 70 years old. Why? Because, as i already explained, adult people have fully developed personalities, and their behavior is fixed, while young people's personalities develop and change FROM childhood TO adulthood.

The purpose of many politicians is to pretend to be someone no one even can be (saviors, heroes, etc...) and to talk empty, baseless promises. Politicians want voters, so they can remain in power for as long as possible. Currently, most adults (legal voters) are anti-MAP, meaning they are not pro-MAP, which means politicians will not feel the need to make pro-MAP promises or to make pro-MAP laws that protect MAPs and/or legalize sexual reationships between adults and children, in order to attract pro-MAP allies (MAP supporters) who will vote. This is the reason why we need to target children and make children to become pro-MAPs. When these pro-MAP children become adults (legal voters), they will be able to vote, meaning politicians will know that there are many voters who are pro-MAP. When this happens, and if the majority of the society support MAPs, politicians will know that making pro-MAP statements will gain them voters - this will be the moment when the majority of people (legal voters) will be able to directly influence political decisions that favor minor-attracted people.

In a nutshell, we have to target not developed personalities that can't be changed, but still DEVELOPING personalities that are still not fully developed and fixed, and can be influenced and changed by new ideas and ideologies.

We have to explain to children that minor-attracted people are not the "bad monsters", as some people would call minor-attracted people. There are MAPS who are bad people, and there are MAPs who are good people, in the same way there are non-MAPs who are bad people, and there are non-MAPs who are good people.

If you are a MAP, and you are serial rapist, for example, you are not serial rapist because you are a MAP, but because you are a bad person, which has nothing to do with the fact you are a MAP. Remember, there are people who are not MAPs, and they are still rapist, serial killer, etc...

Here is another example. If you are a gay who is serial killer, does that mean that gays are serial killers? No. People who are gays and serial killers at the same time, are NOT serial killers because they are gays... they are serial killer because they are bad, which has nothing to do with the fact their sexual orientation is homosexual.

Now, replace "gay" with "pedophile", "black" or "white", and you will get the same result.

People, especially children, need to understand that humans are sexual animals, that having sex is normal human behavior, that sex is fun and causes pleasure. Pleasure is not harmful. It's unreasonable to assume that children have to be prevented from experiencing pleasure, just because they are under the age of 18. Just because a person is under the age of 18, it doesn't mean that the person is not mature enough to understand sex and have sex.

The fact that sex is safe and good is proven beyond reasonable doubt. Sex is not harmful to children, even when children have sex with adult people.

If we target children, children will start targeting other children, the other children will start targeting even more children - this is how pro-MAP talking point can spread across the world.

Currently, pro-MAP communities are isolated communities of small number of people. Such pro-MAP communities exist in chat-rooms and websites/forums/platform that are not very popular. The lack of popularity is one of the reason why the pro-MAP community can't gain attention and become mainstream community. However, the pro-MAP community is growing, it's growing at small pace, but it's still growing. It's matter of time until we have an exponential growth in members/supporters and popularity.

If we do a really good job with the ideological subversion (the Globalists' liberalism), sexual reationships between adults and minors will be normalized and legalized in 50 years from now, or even sooner.

Currently, i'm less than 20 years old. I'm very optimistic that legalization and normalization of pedophilia will happen in my life-time. I can't wait for the moment when i will be free to have relationships with minors, without being afraid of prosecution just because i'm pedosexual child-lover.

Pedosexuality is just another sexuality. Pedosexual people shouldn't be discriminated and prosecuted just because they like minors.
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Monster-90009 Monster-90009
Published on 29 September 2021.
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