Anti-Pedophilia Children Are Bad

Anti-Pedophilia Children Are Bad >Monster-90009, an outspoken expert, to speak:

Nowadays, most parents would tell to their children that they should avoid creating friendly relationships or sexual reationships with adult people. For example, the parents of a 10 years old girl wouldn't allow this 10 years old girl to create any relationships with an unknown (stranger) person who is 30, 40 or 50 years old. Friendly relationships between little kids (e.g. 5-10 years old) and an adult person (e.g. 50 years old) are considered "weird", while sexual relationships between kids and adults are considered "unthinkable".

The idea that children must avoid creating friendly or sexual relationships with adults, is discriminatory toward pedosexual people (pedophiles) and minor-attracted people as a whole.

Children having sex with adults is normal and natural. Naturally, children would like to be friends not only with other children, but with adults, too. Naturally, children would like to have sexual relationships not only with other children, but with adults, too. However, when parents tell their children that "adults/strangers are dangerous" or that "sex is bad for minors when done with adults", this will replace children's natural moral systems with unnatural moral systems that lead to violence, discrimination and hate crimes against minor-attracted people. Children's minds are NOT fixed, meaning children don't have fixed opinions, so external forces, such as parents, can easily change (influence) children's opinions and personality development. This is why parents should avoid producing anti-MAP talking points that eventually will make children to hate minor-attracted people, which is bad and immoral.

Naturally, children don't hate MAPs. Children start hating MAPs when they are told to hate MAPs. Naturally, children don't have problems with having sex with adults. Children start thinking sex with adults is bad and harmful, when their parents tell them to think sex with adults is bad and harmful. Since humans are sexual by nature, sex is not harmful, regardless if sex is done between adults and adults, between children and children or between adults and children.

Anti-MAP children are harmful to MAPs, because anti-MAP children are brainwashed to not allow MAPs to be friends with them. The fact children refuse to form relationships with MAPs, makes MAPs to feel excluded and not loved. Parents who tell their children "MAPs are bad" should have their children removed by the CPS (Children Protective Services), because if these children continue to be brainwashed by their parent, they will become MAP abusers when they become adults. When they become adults, it's very likely that they may hate MAPs, or in some more radical cases, they would even harrass, beat or even kill MAPs. This is why parents should stop telling their children to avoid MAPs, or that MAPs are "bad monsters" or that the only thing MAPs want is to harm and exploit children. Children should be teached that MAPs are humans, like everyone else, that MAPs can love children like parents love their children, that sex between adults and children is not bad, but healthy, natural and good.

The facts are:

If you teach children that MAPs are bad and dangerous, children will hate MAPs, which contributes to discrimination and violence against MAPs, and this is emotionally (psychologycally) harmful to MAPs.

If you teach children that MAPs are good people who don't want to harm and/or exploit children, WHICH IS THE TRUTH, children will not hate MAPs, but will view MAPs as friends and sexual partners, which will contribute to MAPs happiness and well-being.

Bad (brainwashed) children hate MAPs and avoid creating relationships with MAPs. Good children love MAPs and like creating relationships with MAPs.

In a nutshell, teaching anti-MAP talking points to children will destroy children's natural moral systems, creating radical elements ready to harrass, beat or even kill MAPs, which is bad and immoral and contributes to discrimination and violence against MAPs and MAP exclusion.

In order to make MAPs feel safe and loved and prevent hate, discrimination and violence against MAPs, children need to be teached that MAPs are good people who don't want to harm and exploit children, which is the truth.

In order to prevent the creation of radical elements who are anti-MAP, Child Protective Services should be ordered to remove children from parents who teach anti-MAP talking points to children, and then removed children to be moved to other parents who will teach them pro-MAP talking points, which will contribute to less hate, violence and discrimination, and will create a society where MAPs and children are free to freely express their sexuality, forming sexual relationships with each other in a safe world, where MAPs are not being harrassed, beaten or even killed, while most people hate MAPs because of unreasonable convictions defended against all reason.

MAPs should be treated like humans, instead of something dangerous and harmful. The claim MAPs are bad is simply not true.

If you wonder what "natural morality" is, read this:
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Published on 2 October 2021.
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