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If the majority of people are atheist, it would be easier to normalize and legalize pedophilia. The idea that children don't have to have sex, comes from religious concepts that say children are pure, divine and gifts from God. The idea that children are pure and innocent, is the main trigger behind anti-MAP talking point, violence and discrimination against MAPs.

Many religions view sex as a sin, something bad and dirty. Many religions view kids/babies/children as a gift from God, something pure and divine. Therefore, pureness (children) should never be mixed with dirtiness (sex which is considered a sin). So, according to many religions, adults, who are not innocent, should not have sex with kids, who are innocent by religious definition, because sex will corrupt kids' innocence and divinity. In other words, hatred toward MAPs comes from religious beliefs about children being innocent and pure, and evil adults trying to corrupt children's soul. In this scenario, "evil adults" are the adults who are sexually attracted to children, not all adults.

As you can see, the only people who are actively raging against pedophilia, are the deeply religious people. For example, in the U.S, many conservative people, people who are against pedophilia, are people who are religious, and some of them are deeply religious - and, these are the people who are actively advocating against pedophilia. For example, Jeffrey Epstein's case is mostly discussed among conservative people, but never discussed among liberals or progressives. In fact, i have never heard any negative anti-MAP talking points to be discussed among liberals people or on liberal media. The fact is that being an anti-MAP is a conservative cause. The conservative morality comes (mostly) from religion, meaning that hatred toward MAPs is influence by religious beliefs and concepts.

In the atheist world-view, however, where humans get their morality from nature (natural morality), sex is considered a natural thing, not a sin, and humans, including children, are considered sexual animals, not "pure" or "divine" immaterial ghosts inside bodies made of matter (meat). In this scenario, people should be free to have sex and enjoy sex, regardless of their age.

Since children are not considered "pure" or "divine", and minor-attracted adults are not considered "evil", they, both, adults and minors, should be allowed to have sex with each other, if they love/like each other, because they are sexual by nature.

In a nutshell, according to many religions, humans are non-sexual ghosts, so they must restrict their sexuality. According to atheism, humans are sexual by nature, so they should not restrict or suppress their sexuality.

If you are an atheist, it is more likely that you will be more open about your sexuality and that you will be more sexual and have more sexual partners. Given the fact that atheists don't restrict their sexual needs and urges, and accept the fact humans are sexual by nature and that children are sexual, too, masturbate, experience sexual attraction, love, affection, etc..., it is reasonable to assume atheists are, also, more likely to be less agressive toward MAPs, more tolerant toward MAPs and more likely to accept sexual relationships between adults and minors as something normal (if atheists have natural morality, they should accept sex between adults and minors as a normal thing), especially when it's proven that being against sex between adults and minors is caused by religious beliefs and religious concepts, and the idea that sex is harmful to children is not supported by scientific evidence, while there are testimonies of pro-MAP minors who had sex with MAPs, and then shared their pro-MAP opinions that proved they (the minors) enjoyed sex with adults and it made them happy, and didn't harm them. NOTE: I will include link to the we site where minors upload their testimonies, when the website is online again. Currently, the website is down for modifications.

Currently, opposition to child sexualization, pedophilia and minor-attracted people as a whole, is coming from religious groups. If the influence of religion gets weaker, the power of anti-MAPs will decline. When this happens, pro-MAPs and MAPs will be less hated and more accepted, more tolerated.

The reason why minor-attraction needs atheism is because atheist morality is natural morality, and sex is a normal thing according to the concept of natural morality. In other words, there is no reason for atheists to hate and discriminate MAPs, meaning MAPs will be safe, accepted and tolerated in an atheist society. This doesn't hold true for religious (theist) societies, where sex is viewed as a sin and children are viewed as pure and divine.

So, now, you know what world-view you should adopt and promote to other people.

You don't have to be necessary an atheist. You can be religious, you can be even fundamentalist, but you must pretend to not be religious. If you are a theist and you can't become an atheist, you must convince yourself that sex is not bad, according to God, and that God is not against sex between adults and minors. Then you will have to convince other people the same thing.
If you Wonder what "natural morality" is, read this:
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Published on 2 October 2021.
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