The Real Reason Adult-Child Sexual Relations are Frowned Upon and Why MAP Activisim is Bound to Fail

The Real Reason Adult-Child Sexual Relations are Frowned Upon and Why MAP Activisim is Bound to Fail This site is severely delusional and typifies the 90 IQ left-handed nature of pedophiles. "ALittleLearning" copies verbatim the arguments used to push forth acceptance of other sexual minorities, falsely assuming pedophiles come under the same umbrella. "Nelson" mistakenly thinks pedophiles can fly under the same freak flag as the pride movement (as a side note, even if having sex with kids was legal, they wouldn't want to fuck you anyway; it's bad optics for the pedo movement when you actually look like a pedophile). It's apparent to any observer that you people are self-motivated reprobates who are mad the sodomy circus took off without you. MAP activism is just a copy and paste of the same movement that rejected you. "Pedophobia" is the most mind numbing shit I have ever heard. Most people implicitly understand that child-adult sex is not aligned with the ideals of the sexual revolution, this should have been obvious since NAMBLA was kicked out of the gay rights movement decades ago. It's a little hard to be in favour of "boylove" when you just came back from an intense manlove fisting session. The perverse connotations of manlove taint the innocent nature of boylove. Boylove is diametrically opposed to faggotry. To love boys is to reject faggotry.

Being a pedophile is one of the most normal and healthy things a man can be, which is why it was rejected by sexual liberation.

From the Wikipedia on sexual liberation article you get:
The sexual revolution, also known as a time of sexual liberation, was a social movement that challenged traditional codes of behavior related to sexuality and interpersonal relationships throughout the United States and the developed world from the 1960s to the 1980s.

What could ever be more traditional than marrying a 9 year old girl and pumping as many babies into her as soon as she is fertile?
What could ever be more traditional than taking a young boy under your wing, teaching him the ways of manhood, and imbuing him with masculinity ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Child marriage and pederasty are traditional as fuck. That's why they existed in traditional societies. That's why our ancestors practiced both during their history. That's why they are rejected by modernity. Pedophilia is the antithesis of the sexual revolution. The only countries where you can marry 9 year olds and have sex with young boys are right wing dictatorships in the middle east (zoophiles might find solace in such countries as well). The only people I've come across outside the MAP community who support any form of minor-adult sex are psychotic Neo-Nazis and Libertarians. Go figure.

A basic primer on why MAPs are looked down upon:

The reason minor attraction becomes taboo is multifaceted, and near impossible to overturn in one generation*. It did not just arise because of one distant past moral panic, or because of human misunderstanding. Reasons can compound and create periods of extreme suppression of minor attraction like we are living through now, where even admitting to it leads to severe ostracism. I might expound upon these reasons in full detail in a later post, but I believe at the core of the core of the issue, is the inversion of demographic pyramids and the enabling of women. As the average age of the population rises, it is obvious that the bitter senescent hag women, who now make up a higher proportion of the population while simultaneously being emboldened by feminism, will restrict men having sex with younger girls in defense of their own self interest (proximally out of jealousy, distally to increase their own personal reproductive fitness). It must be remembered that evolution does not have a goal, and two sexes of the same species can sabotage the other sex to increase their own personal fitness. A "selfish gene" type scenario. It is indeed true that women have been allowed to create a situation where the continuation of our species is threatened. This is why calls for raising the age of consent will continue indefinitely. Once women are allowed to set an age of consent, a new paradigm is created. Men now feel outraged when another man has sex with whomever is legally defined as a minor, because he has gotten away with breaking a rule all men must adhere to. When men heard the news about Jeffrey Epstein, they were jealous he got to fuck JB. When women heard the news, they were also jealous he fucked JB.

*Unless if complete civilization collapse is achieved. People won't give a shit if you have sex with children if they were going to cannibalize them anyway.

Is there any immediate hope for the future?:

No. You will all die before you can legally have sex with children, so you might as well go rape them now.

Obviously I'm being hyperbolic here, and I don't really support child molestation, but you guys might as well. The world you people wish to create would be more harmful towards children than molesting them anyway. To remove the laws protecting adults from having sex with children now would be to remove the sun from the solar system and watch the earth shoot off into deep space. Pedophiles have nothing to offer children. The boylovers will just give boys AIDs (Foucault anybody?), and the girllovers have nothing for girls besides a dowry of candy. You just want free range cunny/boypussy. The best thing MAPs can do is lobby for medical child pornography prescriptions and free castrations and try to live a quiet life away from children. Especially for those of you with 90 IQs who pose a higher threat to children because of lower impulse control.
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Published on 28 October 2021.
Last modified on 30 October 2021.
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