Pedosexuality and Drag Kids in the American Civil War?

Pedosexuality and Drag Kids in the American Civil War? Yeah, it's a thing! I looked into it a bit myself, and I came across some interesting lil' tidbits.
For example, the Huffington Post wrote this about Thomas Lowry's '"The Story the Soldiers Wouldn't Tell: Sex in the Civil War";

"Chapter 11 of Lowry's book opens the closet door on gender-bending and same-sex trysts. And Lowry reveals that during the Civil War conventional gender roles and sexual behavior could not be strictly tethered to a heterosexual paradigm. With men outnumbering women, especially at social events like balls, "Drummer Boys" -- children as young as 9 and 10 years old -- dressed in drag. And in some occasions, the intimacy between soldiers and Drummer boys reached beyond just a public waltz."

No kiddin'?! It gets better...

"For example, Lowry references a ball put on by a Massachusetts regiment stationed in Virginia in 1864 about young drummer boys dressed as women. One man wrote to his wife: "Some of the real women went, but the boy girls were so much better looking that they left. ...We had some little Drummer Boys dressed up and I'll bet you could not tell them from girls if you did not know them. ...Some of [the Drummer Boys] looked good enough to lay with and I guess some of them did get laid with. ...I know I slept with mine."

Wow... as it turns out, Lincoln, you didn't need a war to unify the north n' south, we just needed more drag kids to share together! And that guy wrote that to his WIFE! It was that casual!
Oh, and as many of you might already know, the age of consent sure was a hell of a lot more reasonable than it is now (even if the existence of it in of itself is unreasonable...). In the mid 1800's, Most states had the age of consent set at 10 years old, some even lower!

Union States with AoC of ≤10:

    New York
    New Jersey
    Rhode Island
    New Hampshire

Confederate States with AoC of ≤10:

    South Carolina
    North Carolina

So, at the end of the day, even when you're two groups of people who are at eachother's throats, there is one thing we can all unite under regardless of philosophy or class or nationality... we're all a bunch of got dang pedos! Y'all be good, now!
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Published on 4 December 2021.
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First post! Somethin' I take great interest in. Most look into the Civil War for the strategic battles and complex chaos of it all, but me I look into it for the interesting sex lives of my forebears!
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