FreeSpeechTube's Future

FreeSpeechTube's Future Hi everyone. FreeSpeechTube has been online for almost 3 years now, since 10 March 2019, with almost no downtime. If everything works out, the future of FreeSpeechTube also looks bright.

Three recent developments will soon force FreeSpeechTube to enter a transition period. Users may notice this, e.g. some downtime may be unavoidable. Below, I will outline these developments, and what changes will take place.

The developments:

  1. Since its inception, FreeSpeechTube has been with the same hosting company. Last January 20th, this company decided to not renew their contract with FreeSpeechTube's foundation. FreeSpeechTube has to move before February 16th.

  2. FreeSpeechTube is currently hosted in the Netherlands. During an ongoing criminal trial against me, it has become clear that the Netherlands is no longer a suitable country to host free speech platforms. In fact, no EU country is.

  3. On March 8th, the Rotterdam court will give a verdict in aforementioned case. Almost certainly, I'll get convicted to imprisonment. Given the main reason for the indictment are my dissenting utterances and free speech platforms, I'm forced to terminate my involvement with FreeSpeechTube. At the very least until I've managed to obtain citizenship or (political) asylum in a non-EU country.

These developments require a decisive (semi-anticipatory) response.

The changes:

  • Within the next two weeks, FreeSpeechTube will move to a non-EU country. This process will be roughly as follows. The website is set to maintenance mode, disallowing users to login. An offsite backup is made (files, database). The recent backup is restored at the new host, domains are transferred, DNS records updated.

  • Ownership of the domains is transferred to a trustworthy non-EU citizen or organization.

  • The foundation Stichting FreeSpeechTube will be disbanded, de-registered from the chamber of commerce. Its bank and PayPal accounts will be closed.

  • A new administrator will be appointed, and different moderators will take over.

I don't expect big changes to the Terms of service, i.e. the existing freedoms (and limitations) will likely remain unchanged. Ownership of, which distributes the free and open-source software "FSTube" used by, among other websites, FreeSpeechTube, will remain with me. While I will no longer react to (feature) requests specifically from FreeSpeechTube users or maintenance, I will (independently) continue to develop FSTube.

If you find this independent platform useful, and want it to stay up and running, you can help by donating. Your help is greatly appreciated. See: Renting hardware required to keep websites such as this one online is expensive. Thanks.
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Norbert Norbert
Published on 3 February 2022.
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