[U.S.] Pay taxes? Expect nothing in return from corrupt nations.

[U.S.] Pay taxes? Expect nothing in return from corrupt nations. Want the government to use your tax money on services/products for everyone, not 1 trillion per year (10t/10y), not 600 billion per year (6t/10y), not 300 billion per year (3t/10y), but maaaaaaaaaybe 175 billion per year (1.75t/10y) even though we probably won't do that much either? They'll tell you we all can't possibly afford it even though the U.S. is supposedly the richest country on Earth and other nations have all these proposed things, and much more!

Want the government to use your tax money to pump billions more into the most bloated military budget on Earth, adding $37 billion more per year for a total of $778 billion per year (7.78t/10y)? You got it, no questions asked, except by Bernie. But nothing is going to change unless you elect ~50+ more Bernies, and good luck doing that since bribery and corruption is legal


and even other nations and international corporations can now buy your elections too,


so fuck off! And good luck having a revolution when we have an army such as this one!

Capitalism is cancer. It monopolizes and privatizes wealth and resources, increasing wealth inequality, then uses those pockets of extreme money/power to spread to other countries, infecting them by corrupting their leaders to allow more and more privatization and monopolization of wealth, slowly chipping away at or outright destroying all the public/nationalized institutions that stand in its way, until the rich control everything, and everyone is their slave and only works to make them even more money. Monarchies were once overthrown and cast to the historical wayside, but those monarchies have merely been replaced by economic monarchies. As the quote translates into, the rich care not who makes the laws of a nation so long as they can monopolize and control those economic systems so that the money flows into their bank accounts. Hopefully we'll be able to overthrow these economic monarchies before we're all literally on fire because of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FqXTCvDLeo


Bernie Sanders Blasts Record-Shattering Pentagon Budget Proposal

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is calling on lawmakers to reject a proposed $778 billion Pentagon budget. The 2022 National Defense Authorization Act calls for a $37 billion increase in military spending compared to President Trump’s record Pentagon budget. This is Bernie Sanders speaking from the senate floor Wednesday.

Sen. Bernie Sanders: “At a time when the scientists are telling us that we face an existential threat in terms of climate change, we are told that we just don’t have enough money to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel and create a planet that will be healthy and habitable for our kids and future generations. Just don’t have enough money. Yet today the U.S. Senate will begin consideration of an annual defense budget that costs $778 billion.”
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Published on 18 November 2021.
Last modified on 18 November 2021.
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