U.S. Politics in a Nutshell

U.S. Politics in a Nutshell Kyle did an excellent job summarizing U.S. politics here.

Bill Maher vs Noam Chomsky On Political Nihilism | The Kyle Kulinski Show

Continuing to constantly make excuses for why the government needs to keep doing bad things while doing more bad things is going to get the nation irrevocably corrupt at some point (if we haven't already reached that point), and move things even farther towards fascism/authoritarianism. Since corruption has been legalized:
by the Supreme Court and the institutions in Washington, the solution might have to be a revolution. Kings/queens and dictators don't lay their power down willingly, and often not peacefully. They have to be overthrown, either internally or externally, before the corruption can be fixed and solving these problems can begin. Is there any hope of doing this peacefully? I think there might be if enough of the nation marched on Washington, if we had general strikes, if we utilized technology to create a new better way to know which leaders are and aren't corrupt to know who to vote for rather than listening to the establishment news media which is itself part of the problem for those answers which we'll never get. Regardless of whether or not it ends up being peaceful, we need to fix these issues and take back control before we all die:
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Published on 24 November 2021.
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