New: Microblogging on FreeSpeechTube

New: Microblogging on FreeSpeechTube As seasoned FreeSpeechTube users know, every now and then, new functionality gets added to this platform's software. Generally, such updates are hard to miss. For example, the November 2019 update that introduced the ability for users to publish texts. Improvements that don't become apparent by merely visiting the Home page may be harder to spot.

A big update, which rolled out a few days ago, added Twitter-like microblogging functionality!

Each user page now has a microblog section. On your own user page, you can add tweet-like microblog posts. New, under the familiar "subscribe to content" buttons on user pages, are "follow microblog" buttons. All microblog posts from users you're following end up on your Timeline. Links to the Timeline can be found in the user section of the top menu. There's also a new icon on the Home page that takes you to it.

The lower right of both your Timeline and your user page now holds three icons. One for the Timeline. One to compose new posts, which jumps straight to the microblog post section of your user page. One to the Explore page, which allows you to search for specific microblog posts. Protip: keep all fields empty to simply start browsing.

The character limit is 280. If you use #hashtags in microblog posts, these will automatically transform into Explore links. Liking and reblogging is possible. Replying too, but requires a reblog. Using @mentions has no effect. These are deliberate design choices. Clicking a timestamp brings up that post's Status page, which lists all reblogs.

Obviously, the Terms of service also apply to this new microblogging functionality. You're reminded of this by text above the compose section of your user page. Happy microblogging!

Bug reports, suggestions, requests, etc. are welcome in the comments below.
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Published on 9 December 2021.
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