Anarchism is the best solution for MAPs and Youth sexual rights

Anarchism is the best solution for MAPs and Youth sexual rights Hello. Today i will talk about an idea that i think people in the MAP community and the youth sexual rights movement should consider.
It is in my opinion that the MAP and youth movement SHOULDN'T be seeking legalisation and recognition by the state and instead embrace anarchism and fight for normalisation.

Let me put up some definitions first.
Anarchism is a political and economic ideology that seeks to establish anarchy.
Anarchy, from Greek anarkhia, from anarkhos, from an- ‘without’ + arkhos ‘chief, ruler’, is an anti hierarchical, anti authoritarian system that is opposed to capitalism(control of economy and industry by a capitalist elite), the state and all other oppresive and hierarchical power structures.
The state, as defined by anarchists, is a centralized and hierarchical institution with a monopoly on force and that exercises its authority by regulating the lives of people in a given territory.
Basically the state is what make the laws and then enforces said laws and regulation through police and the people that live under said state have no other choice but to obey or be put through the prison industrial complex. A while ago i made an article called "How capitalism is harmful to MAPs and Youth sexual rights" where i explained how the capitalist industry profits from the stigma towards minor attraction and youth sexuality. We must remember that capitalism and the state are intertwined with each other. The state regulates the market in order to favour big capitalist businesses, it uses force in order to enforce private and absentee property that would otherwise not exist if the state wasn't there to defend it. The capitalist elite and the state also work together when it comes to the military industrial complex and the prison industrial complex. And all the capitalist elite has to do is feed the state with some of that sweet cash. So therefore, since the elite controls the state and they both profit from the sexual negativity and stigma against MAPs, it is only logical that trying to get the state to recognize and legalise youth sexuality an minor attraction is meant to fail as they will not get rid of what makes them profit. Therefore, i propose we don't do that. I suggest we take down the current system and establish anarchy. There would be no more state to enforce age of consent laws and there would be no more capitalist industry that will profit out of sex negativity and stigma. So all we will have to do is simply work towards normalisation and create a more sex positive culture(which is actually something anarchists want) that recognizes youth sexuality and doesn't discriminate or stigmatize minor attraction. In my opinion, the MAP and youth movement are completly compatible with anarchism, as anarchism seeks to bring freedom, equality and is strongly in support of free love and sexuality, and the MAP and youth movement seeks to have sexual freedom foe MAPs and minors and that minors aren't seen as subhumans but free individuals with their own rights and needs. So i do not see any reason why MAPs and youth activists shouldn't embrace anarchism. Our goals are compatible and anarchists want to abolish the very system that is profiting from the sex negativity and stigma towards minor attraction and youth sexuality.
It is pointless to try and get the state to decriminalise minor attraction and youth sexuality. It is pointless to ask the oppressors to go against their interests an look after our interests. They will never look after our interests. The elite and the state will always seek to fullfil their own interests in our expense. Our freedom is of no concern to them. In fact, if the Earn it act being brought back up says anything, it is that they are looking to further oppress us ordinary people. They will not give us rights, we must take them ourselves. Instead of waiting the government to help us let's help ourselves. Let's gather up an organize into communities where we can help each other. Let's create mutual aid networks. Instead of asking for the state to protect us let's learn self defense, arm ourselves, train and form community defense groups so we can protect each other. Instead of trying to get the state to legalise minor attraction, let's instead just educate the people in our communities and get them to understand minor attraction and youth sexuality better and accepting. Instead of the law let's change the culture and then live our lives however we want and stop caring about what's legal and what's not. If someone is being arrested because of a harmless, consensual and mutually pleasurable romantic/sexual relationship with someone under eighteen years old, then don't just simply sit there and later ask for that person to be released(although if you weren't present you might as well do that) but go an de arrest that person. De arresting is to release someone who had been arrested, before they are even taken to the police station and processed. Basically if you see a fellow comrade being unjustly cuffed and forced into a police car, then you step in and stop the police officers from taking that person. I will like to say this most likely will result into a fight with the cops and can be very risky so unless you are completly sure you know what you're doing i wouldn't really recommend partaking in this activity.
If you are an anarchist reading this and you don't agree with me on the whole minor attraction and youth sexuality debate, then i will ask you to understand that if you are an anarchist then you cannot tolerate that people be persecuted and stigmatised because of their sexual preference. If you're an anarchist then you cannot tell people who they can be with based on age difference. If you are an anarchist you must realise that we shouldn't treat children as of they're subhumans that should have less rights than adults. We mut allow them the freedom to explore themselves and others. The freedom to explore their own sexuality freely without fear of judgment or shame. We must allow them to be free, so that they learn the principles of autonomy, free love, individuality and the basics of consent. We must allow them to have bodily autonomy and individual freedom, so those concept will be fixed in their minds. We must apply the principles of democratic education so that the ideals of self management and direct democracy are told to them from a young age. We must allow children to have freedom and teach them that they are free individuals and that they are the only ones who choose for themselves so that they will become the next generation of anarchists.
I would like to say more but i think that's all i'll write for now. This was simply my opinion nothing more. Let me know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for more. See ya
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Published on 26 February 2022.
Last modified on 25 July 2022.
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I also will like to add that anarchism is not simply anti-statism. Some people tend to take that wrong. While anti statism is a core part of anarchism there are also other aspects of anarchism that are just as important. I simply focused on the anti statist part for the sake of this article. You can visit the Anarchist library for more information if you like:
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